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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Cross for Preschoolers - Jesus Lives

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice
Lesson 4- Jesus Lives

Before I begin with the last lesson in the 5 day series. I just
wanted to thank all of you that have stopped by to visit. I appreciate
all of your comments, facebook likes and pins on pinterest.

On with todays topic. This is where it can get tricky. When we
approach the cross with preschoolers it is really important to know
your child and what they can handle emotionally. If you think pictures
of Jesus on the cross is going to bother them then tell them with words
as best you can. I have taught preschool bible for many years and I feel
that if you don't make it feel to heavy for the child that an introduction
for what Jesus did for us is in order. I try to explain as best I can if they
as question. Just take it slow and remember that you don't want to
give to much before they are ready. I approach it by using our
children's bible. As I mentioned before we use the Scholastics
Read and Learn bible. There are not disturbing pictures in a book
such as this one. So children can absorb the story with out worry.

As usual we sang our B-I-B-L-E song. I matter of factly
read the story to my daughter. I began reading the Chapter
entitled The Dark Friday . We read a Joyful Sunday and
Jesus is Alive.  *Note if you are interested in this bible the
crucifixion picture is a Silhouette. Very basic for little ones.
This might seem like a lot of chapters for a little one. I do it this
way so that we can get to the Good part. The part where Jesus is
Alive. Little ones might ask questions about why someone would
want to hurt a Jesus they love. I tell them that this happened so he
could take the bad things we do away and wipe it clean.

Something I have done a few times is use a light table to explain
this to them. If you don't have one you can put Christmas lights in
a storage container. Sprinkle sand on the light table. Ask them to
draw something in the sand that they may have done wrong and
then ask Jesus to forgive them and wipe it clean. It has a profound
effect on them. You will be surprised how some little ones take this
activity. I have had the room completely quiet that you could hear
a pin drop and these are little 4-5 year olds.

Anyway back to Sweet Pea's activity. I told her that there were
people who were confused about Jesus and who he was and
they did not know better. But we, WE know who Jesus is don't we.
They were so confused about it that they hurt Jesus and he died
but we don't need to be sad because Jesus is Gods son and He
can do anything. We talk about the tomb and how He is not there.
We talk about how Jesus is alive and we hoot and holler our happiness.
(Focus on the end result more than anything)

Then we begin our little craft....

You will need brown craft foam cut in the shape of a cross, glue
and various things to glue onto the cross. You will also need
a brand new unsharpened pencil. I also used our palm branches
form the other days activity.

We used flowers, scrapbook flowers, butterflies and the palm
cut outs . She glued them as she desired. I never put limits on little
ones. Below is Sweet Peas Almost completed cross. We also
taped a new pencil to the back when it dried and stuck it into
a spring potted flower by the door. To remind us that Jesus
died and Lives in all of our lives.

I wanted to give my little one a gift to hold. I found this
box at our local craft store shaped like a cross. I put a
coffee filter inside the cross for Jesus to lay inside. I made
Jesus out of a peg doll. You can get blank ones at the craft stores
as well. I just used a sharpie to create his hair and eyes. I also
put a heart on him too. Its covered with the tissue in the photo
below. I was going to do an activity with her taking Jesus out of the
cross and show her the empty box but  Her response to this gift
was precious....

"Mommy, Do I get to keep Jesus and play with Him. "

Yes sweety you get to keep him He is yours.
(He really is just for Her and for You and me too.)

Then she goes on to say...

"Mommy I will keep him safe I promise. "

I wanted to cry. So sweet.

She took Jesus to Bed with her Tonight in more ways
than one.

Warm Blessings and a Happy Easter to you,


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  1. This has been so sweet, Nikki. I have loved seeing your little one and her sweet expressions as she learned about the cross. :-) Thank you for sharing!


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