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Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5- Week Before Spring Break

1. It was the Week before Spring Break and oh what a week it
was. Spring is always so busy.  I always feel like I am rushing
around to get everything done so we can have those lazy days
of summer. I hope I'm not the only one that feels that way. 


(photo: In Gettysburg of a covered Bridge and the kids)

2. We ended our school work this week and will be taking a much
needed week off. We will begin again next Tuesday. The weather is
beginning to look promising . We took to the park two days this week.
The kids take their scooters and skate boards and we walk the track.
Then we play on the playground afterwards. It has become a fun
habit I hope to include the rest of the year.

(The two young ones at Devil's Den Gettysburg)

3. Over the weekend last weekend my brother was here visiting from
North Carolina. We went out to eat at Hoss's and then explored some
of Gettysburg. The kids love climbing on the rocks at Devils den.
The photos in this weeks random 5 are from that day. 

(Superboy at Devils Den)

4.  I had a fun time teaching the cross to my preschooler this week
If you missed the posts here are the links...

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice
Lesson 4- Jesus the Servant
Lesson 5- Jesus Lives

(Princess at Devils den. They all liked this crevice)

5. I am looking toward my plans for this week and they
look pretty busy...

Friday- Finish lessons, Grocery shop and shop for Easter baskets
Saturday- House cleaning and work on Prep for Sunday school
Sunday - Church Services and time with family
Monday- Work on Prep for Easter activities on Saturday
Tuesday- Work more on prep for Easter Activities, Sort spring clothes
Wed.- Start baking for Easter Activities
Thursday- Finish Baking for Easter activities , Staff/Church services
Friday- Egg hunt with my dad and family lunch- Staff/Church services
Saturday- Set up and organize Easter activities at church will be at that
all day.
Sunday- Church services/Staff , Easter Dinner at moms.
Monday- Rest.

In case I don't get to Random 5 Good Friday. Have a Happy Easter.

Warm Blessings,


The Pebble Pond


  1. That is a cool place to visit! My kids would love it, too! Have a great week off!


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