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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Physical Education Game- Cat and Mouse

I used to work at our local before and after care program and
was introduced to many physical education type of activities. I
wanted to use Healthy me as a place to record them and later
print out so that I can keep a list of those game ideas. As well
as a place to record our health lessons. Today's game is called...

Cat and Mouse
If your kid like dodge ball they will like this game.

You will need: Two teams and a bean bag or stuffed animal.
I like to use a yellow bean bag to represent the cheese and
dodge balls or other soft ball.

Team 1- They will line up behind a designated line. This
team will have the dodge balls. They will be tossing the balls
at the running players of Team two. Team 1 will also need ball
runners. They need to choose who will go to the other end of the
playing area . The ball runners will collect the tossed balls and return
them back to the kids on the line. Only the ball throwers can
hit team 2 players and knock them out of the game. Team 1 players
in this position are the cats. Their job is to try to catch the Mice
by hitting them with the dodge balls.

Team 2- Are the mice. They will be in the middle of the playing
field running on a designated line. The cheese or bean bag will
be placed in the middle of the playing field. Team 2 will separate into
two lines. One at one end and one at the other. One team player will
have to run on the line to get the bean bag all the while trying to not
get hit by the cats. They must stay in the location of the line. The first
player picks up the cheese and runs it to the player on the other side.
From this point on they relay one at a time the cheese back and forth
for a designated time period set by the coach. If a team player is hit
by the ball they are out and will sit wherever they are on the line.
If a player has to sit then the next player in the relay line would run
out and try to grab the bean bag from them to continue the game.
After the time period how ever many mice are left will be calculated
as that teams score.

Then everyone changes places mouse to cat and cat to mouse.
Playing just like above again . The winner is the team with the
most points at the end of the game.

Warm Blessings,


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