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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Miracles Happen !


Welcome to day two of the 5 Days of The Cross for Preschoolers.
Today I want to teach my Preschooler that Miracles do Happen !
In truth preschoolers already are on the verge of trying to figure out
what is fanciful and what is real. Their perception of each can be a
little confusing for them. They will be open to believing what you share
with them in this lesson. Working with them daily to figure out what
is truth and what is false will help them find their true identity with
Jesus Christ. We also want these little ones to realize that Jesus is
the living God. That He is in control here and it is up to us to just
believe. Now this all seems like a very deep message for little ones.
Hearing the stories and becoming familar with them is the ultimate
goal. Each time I read my bible even today I learn something new
about a passage that I thought I already knew. The bible is so great
in that as your season of life change so does your perception of the
words and all lead you closer to the truth.


I started this lesson by singing the B-I-B-L-E song.
It goes something like this...

The B-I-B-L-E , Yes that's the book for me.
I stand alone on the word of God.
The B-I-B-L-E.

As we sing we make a little bible with our hands.
We start out with hands in praying but in front of
us like we are about to open a book As we sing we
open our pretend bible book.

I reminded Sweet Pea that the bible isn't a book of made up
stories but it is our History. It is our truth. Everything in it is
real and right. I say this always so this wasn't just for this lesson.

Today you will want to read A Storm. I let my little one know
that Jesus is in charge of all things. I tell her about  Jesus friends
getting into a boat and how they don't trust and become afraid when a
storm comes upon them. Jesus doesn't want us to be afraid because
he is in charge of all things even the weather and he makes that storm
stop. We talk a little about how we would feel in a great big storm.
She was sitting under her blanket and so we kicked and wiggled it
to represent the storm. Then I allowed her to command it to stop
just like Jesus did. It is so amazing all that God can Do. 


To play with this story we made boats. You will want to gather for
this activity some craft foam, colored straws, scissors, hole punch
and sponges. I choose the O-cello sponges that are precut into shapes.
I thought that the kids would enjoy them the most. I found them at Walmart
in the grocery section. They come in bright colors and are a little moist
when you open them. This is great because putting the hole for the straw
is much easier with them damp. 

You may want to precut triangles for the sails out of the craft
foam and punch two holes down the side . This is where little
ones will slide in the straw. You will also want to take a scissor
and poke a hole in your sponge. Be careful. Once you are through the
sponge twist the scissors a bit to enlarge the hole so the straw will fit. 

Of course my older son wanted to join in on making boats. The
straws will fit easily through the sail and then into the sponge.
You might have to wiggle it a little bit but it will go in. You
might see the straw go through the sponge. that is ok just push it
up so it is level with the bottom of the sponge. 

We then took our sponges to the bathroom to see if they would float.
They did Float and the kids were excited. As time goes some of the
boats become too soaked with water. Then you have to squeeze out the
water to get them to float again. We made a few waves in the tub
and then the other child would yell stop and the water would stop.
Sometimes a boat would start to sink or fall. We would squeeze
out the water and straighten them out again. It old her that is what
Jesus does we can pray and he straightens us out again.

We talked some more about the amazing things Jesus does. 

There are many other miracles you can read to your
child. I also choose to read the story of the Blind man. In our
Scholastics bible the chapter is called The Blind Man Sees.  I always
like to craft or play along with an activity to help the little ones remember.

Today we acted it out using cotton balls. Sweet pea . Took some
cotton to her face just like Jesus did to the blind man...

And when the mud or in our case cotton was washed away or
in our case fell away. Then the man could see. This is her surprised
look . Ha ha. We had to work on this one a couple of times. 

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Warm Blessings,



  1. Aww! How fun. I've never seen those sponges in the store. Pretty cute. I miss the days of preschool. Have to find ways to incorporate the more fun into our lessons.

  2. What good ideas for making those Bible stories really come alive!

  3. I have to admit, I love the post...but those kids faces = precious!! Especially the one where your daughter is right up close :) Super cute!! Great ideas too, by the way.


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