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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Media Talk 101 - Captivated ( Review)

Captivated Movie Review

Our world is soaked in Media. You can see it just about every
where you go anymore. We are "surrounded by screens". We have
 in our home 4 Televisions, 4 laptops, 4 readers and 1 desktop
computer. That isn't even counting the numerous video game
systems, radios and I- pods that also have taken over our home.
It has been a concern for me recently. I have noticed the kids are
not all here with me but lost in that technological world. If you
sometimes feel alone with people all around you because they
are engrossed in their electronics or you have  become sucked
into this media rich world then...

Captivated by Media Talk 101 is a must see documentary DVD
that might be just for you. The Captivated DVD is $16.95. You
can get a second DVD for $5.00 plus the price of shipping. So you
can share this important message with your family, friends or church.

The audience for Captivated would be more suitable for the Parents/
Adults but may be appropriate for some teens.  *Note I later
noticed there is also a study guide available but I did not review
that portion of the product.

Captivated Movie Review

Captivated, finding freedom in a media captive culture.
Captivated is a documentary discussing the affects that media
has on our society. Have you ever considered that you are
captivated almost imprisoned by the power of the media. It has
such an overwhelming control over our lives and is a big time
stealer. In this documentary Producer and co-director, Phillip Telfer
asks many of these important questions. Is this time that is being
stolen from us also being stolen from our God?

The footage in this DVD is striking. I was struck by how clear
the picture was in the video so I wanted to mention that. Our media
rich lives really began long before the computer age. It all begins
with the invention of the Telegraph on May 24th , 1844.  From that
moment on technology speeds into our lives and each day it seems
to advance at a faster rate. Here are some interesting facts and scary
all at the same time...

The average child spends 53 hours of screen time per week.

By the time your child Graduates they will have spent 18,000-
20,000 hours viewing television. This is a longer amount of time
than your kids are in school

The video goes on to say that children who spend more time
viewing television have lower attention spans than those who
spend less hours watching television. This is all related to the
brain and the tricks that media plays on it. It is explained more
in-depth in the video. The younger the child the more easily
influenced they are by media choices and the more their appetite
grows for the latest and greatest gadgets. They are seeking that
shock factor and the enjoyment that certain aspects of media
produce. Whatever your child's brain does it gets good at and
if parts of it aren't being used then those parts aren't advancing.
It also takes the time to touch on video gaming. I was a little
shocked to learn that video games trick our brains into
thinking that they have done something , when in reality they
have not done anything but push some buttons.

The question is are we satisfied with our relationships with
these devices. They are seeping into our lives and taking away
our relationships from God. Is that what we want for our families?

Are you satisfied with a faceless communication?
Is electronics part of your lifestyle?
Or should they be used as tools?
Are these things like facebook and other media
distorting your connection with God?
Have you become addicted.

These are all questions that each family should ask themselves.

When you ask yourself these questions you realize how
damaging media can be. It can be the cause of physical damage
as well ,as such as hearing loss, car accidents, sleep issues and
obesity. We really need to figure out when it is time to put it down.

 It is also brought to our attention that even if we do partake in
these things then we should be closely aware of What we are
consuming. Technology can influence our attitude and behaviors.
We might think... "It doesn't affect me." but how do we know if it
is or it isn't. We don't know where we would be right now without it.

It can cause desensitization to violence
Promote bullying and a fear of danger.

This quote really struck me the most because really we allow
way more into our homes than we realize.

"Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained
by people you wouldn't have in your house."

by David Frost.

So what do we do.. We unplug . We turn it off or we limit it.
The video suggests a Media Fast and completely take
media away.  When you take it away you are to fill your child's
time with good things. Plan for this event because they may not be
happy at first.  I really thought why not give it a try.

(Photo off all the great things you can dig into once you unplug)

Media and My family
Recently I wrote an article about becoming Unplugged. The kids
had been rotating from one electronic device to another. They were
not even taking the time anymore to communicate with one another
in a respectful way. When I saw this happening it broke my heart as
a mom. How did this happen. I can't say I was lazy in watching them
with electronics because I have always been very careful about what
they view and what they are doing on them. It can be difficult for sure.
However for some reason I became lax on the amount of time they
were spending on the devices. Before I knew it these things were
soaking up their time. I didn't like that. So now we have a 1 hour
a day limit to computer/video games and a 1 hour of Television.
I would really like to cut it even more than that. The two hours seems
a little to long as it is. That alone has been difficult. However Media
talks suggest taking media out of your life completely. Could
we go cold turkey?

One evening it happened by accident. Daddy went to work as usual
and I was left with the kids for the evening. Suddenly our Comcast
went completely out. The TV, Internet and phone were all down. I
had no idea how long that would last. Before this I had been alone
downstairs fiddling around cleaning up dinner. When the devices
went off. The house came alive. They came down and wanted to
know what we could do. I suggested that we clean up since we had
a little bit of a mess  and that by the time we were done the connection
probably would be back on. We worked together and chatted while
cleaning up. When we were done the connection was still off , so
we sat down and played some games. The little ones loved this
and we had a great time as a family. After we sat and all grabbed
books and began too read. Soon after the TV came back on and
the kids cheered and disappeared into their worlds again. It was sad
really. I was alone in the living room. I shut off the TV and went
back to my book. This brief moment with no Connection made
me realize along with this DVD that more had to be done. I wasn't
limiting things as much as I should be. The kids were still to
tuned in and it is time to make some changes. We are ready
to not be imprisoned by our devices but to move forward carefully
choosing and limiting that time.

Captivated Movie Review

I would definitely recommend watching Captivated. Media
Talk promotes no technology, However I do feel that it does have
a place in our society. We can't run from it completely. Our children
will need to know possibly for future careers how to use it but limiting it's
use as they grow and being careful about our choices seems to be a healthier
option. Just like anything a balance is the best medicine in my opionion.

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