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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lego Challenge #8

This is my sons Lego Challenge number 8. He made
 a treehouse. This was a prepackaged kit. So all he had
to do was follow the directions. He got the kit at our 4H
auction from his lego group.

He is very proud of his Spring Creation.

Our next challenge will be....

Now it's your turn. Share your links in comments . We can't wait to see
what you have come up with and before you run off . Don't forget to
snag your Lego Challenge #9  Here are the details to participate.

Would you like to join us? A new challenge will be posted on the
next due date which would be May 30th .
1. Present the challenge to your kids and have them make their creation.

2. Take a photo of what they come up with and have them write a little
about their creation.

3. Create a post on your blog with their challenge and set it to live
on  May 30th  If you do not have a blog contact me in comments
and I can give you information to email it to me for your child's challenge
to appear on my blog.

4. On May 30 come back here and add your links in  the
comments. I stopped doing the linky for now due to lack of participation
but we still want to share our lego creations and give you that option
to join us.  Then  find out what The new challenge will be.

5. Include a link to my post please. :)

6. You might also want to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss
any challenges....  Lots of ways to follow me on my side bar to the right.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Hi, Nikki,
    I'm just stopping by some of the blogs from those who are also on the Missional Handbook launch team. :) I love the idea of a lego challenge - we may have to try that this summer to keep the boredom at bay. We have four kiddos - 3 boys and a girl - all who love legos! Nice to meet you here.
    Jen :)


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