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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter Later...

Happy Easter to Everyone. I know I'm a little late with
the well wishes. Easter at our church went well and the kids loved
the activities we provided. We ran about and did a couple of different
egg hunts and spent time with family. Unlucky as could be we
ended up passing around a stomach virus. First Superboy had it ,the
one waving in the photo. Then Princess in the red sweatshirt and
then Sweet pea over Easter on Easter Bunnies lap. And drum roll now
I have it. I sort of knew it was coming. When you are caring for your kids
it is unlikely that you will get away with not getting sick. Despite all that we
were able to have a good time. Somehow we were able to enjoy family in
the mist of a lull before another went down with it. I love that we
were able to capture this photo of everyone being happy and having a
good time.  I have more to share with you but just not feeling to great so
it will have to wait. Hope all of you are well on your end.

Warm Blessings,



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