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Thursday, April 24, 2014

CTC Math- Review

 Math is not always our best subject here at my house. I have
two that excel in it but the rest of the kids have to work harder .
I must admit that I am not the best math teacher. Digging deep into
literature is my thing.  I am glad I have helpers to aid in teaching
math. Just like CTC Math Tutor.

I received the online 12 Month Family Plan of CTC Math for
homeschoolers. As of this review you can receive a 60% discount.
Prices for that sale are listed below. This is a really good deal from
the original pricing.

For a Single student :

Monthly $11.97
6 Months  $50.80
12 Months $78.80

Family Plan for 2 or more students :

*note on the website it reads 2 or more students.
I was able to have log in for 5 children and a parent account.

Monthly $15.97
6 Months $78.80
12 Months  $118.80


CTC Math Review

CTC Math is a math tutor online. Through the program you will be
able to access all grade levels K- high school.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Basic math and pre Algebra
Measurement and Geometry
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
and Trig.

The math tutor offers 1,367 videos approximately 4-9 minutes
in length. Children choose the topic they are practicing , watch
the video and then work through interactive questions to practice
their new skill. The screen tells them right away if they made a mistake
or it gives them a green check mark if they got the answer correct.
If the child makes a mistake they are shown the correct answer.
At the end of the section the child is given a percentage of correct
answers. If they try and answer more of the same questions from the
section they have the opportunity to try to raise the percentage. The
percentage is then calculated by the previous work along with the
current work. You have access to diagnostic tests as well.

Parents have their own log in and can set up individual log ins for
each one of their children. Parents are emailed feedback on a weekly
basis. So you can see how well or not so well your child is doing
 within the program. This is a really great feature for older children
who like to pretend they are doing their math. Course I know none
of my children would attempt doing that. (wink)

How We used it:
I used CTC Math with my two youngest children. My daughter
Sweet Pea will be sort of beginning K in the fall. She is a young
5 so we probably will divide K up over the course of two years .
No rush I say. She was unable to progress through the K program at
a fast pace because she has much more math to work on however she
did enjoy doing the first level which practices on counting numbers
1-5 and recognizing those same numbers.  She watched the video
a couple of times and then clicked the questions. She would count out
pictures in groups and then type in the number related to that question.
She also would color any number of stars or apples as promoted.
As you can see on the screen above she received a 93% with only one
incorrect answer. She has done this one several times now. I liked
that she could practice the same level over and over. I thought she
would tire of it but she did not. I do believe she is ready now to
learn the next set of numbers 7-10 . When she has those down we
can come to CTC and practice what she knows.

My second student is Spirit who is in the 2nd Grade.
Spirit has been working on Multiplication in his math unit
so we skipped to that lesson. I would introduce the math concept to
him and we practiced a few of them together on the white board.
Then he would try a few that I gave him as examples. We would then
go to his math workbook in his existing curriculum and work through
those problems.  I would correct them and we would talk about any
incorrect problems. There were times I could use CTC as a Math tool
to teach the concept using the videos and other times I would use
It as a practice after his regular work was completed. I was thoroughly
surprised that the lesson seemed to match up with what he was doing
in his book. Children work toward receiving reward certificates for
the work from each section. We didn't really accomplish that because
we were moving around in it. Spirit is rather slow at getting math and
this is why I was excited about trying the tutoring program.

Both Children at their course work level had online questions and
activities but I noticed at higher levels you are given worksheets that
can be printed out for use. I think this would be beneficial for math
journals and working out larger problems.

Another feature I thought was great for my 2nd grader was Speed
skills. Speeds skills help your younger children work on answering
their math facts much quicker than they might normally. They can
work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sort of
like the timed tests that kids do in school. Loved this for Spirit.

(example of the math video on arrays)

I also had the idea to create an account for myself. I have older
children who are going to be working in higher math and I thought this
would be a great way to give myself a refresher this summer on Algebra
before my son is ready to take it in the fall.  I did not use CTC with my
older students since they are about finished with what they are currently
working on but I do plan to use it in the fall and will update you on their
progress. CTC is a  help for teaching math.

What we thought about the Program:

I thought the program was really helpful for additional practice with
our already standing curriculum. I probably wouldn't use it as a stand
alone math program. Some of my children learn best with hands on
experiences but I do have one visual learner that really appreciates
programs such as this one. I did feel that it would be nice if when
a child was struggling with something that they would have more
options or games to go along with that particular section. However
it continues to give you more questions to practice, which has it's
place as well. I also liked getting a parent email each week telling
me how things were progressing. Although I would have liked to
have been able to do more with the parent area. It would have been
nice if I could assign certain things on log in for a particular child.

What I liked the most was the simplicity of the program. It wasn't
intensive or over long sessions that the kids had to painstakingly
work through. They were direct and to the point. The kids
appreciated that.

You can connect with CTC Math on  Facebook
and the Australia Facebook Page

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