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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A- Accept the Call to Home Educate


Proverbs 16:9 

"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

I can revive the memory of being a little girl and sitting on my bedplaying with dolls. I had that desire then to be a Mommy and to be a Teacher. I would care for my dolls for days at a time . I lined them up and taught them to read and to sing their ABC's. All of which occurred within my own imagination. God had implanted this onto my heart, a mother's heart.  The years went by and time changes things. Our visions sometimes become blurred if we don't keep the path or open our hearts to what God wants for our lives.I really enjoyed Art at the time. I thought that that creativity and beauty was to be my new calling but instead I think it was to be more of accent to my original Calling.

God had other arrangements for my life. Intentions that I didn't quite recognize just yet but soon they would plummet into my heart. I would hear Him and I would see.

Psalm 25:9

“He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.”

Over time I grew in many ways. Not just in age but in wisdom and knowledge of Christ. I soon had my first Child. She captured my heart instantly. My desire was to do all the things  of a mother's palate. I
talked to her incisively. We played together and learned together. There is so much a mom has to figure out . Parenting doesn't seem to come with instructions. We hear this all to often don't we but we do have instructions. We have instructions for life and God gave us that Word for the teaching. My little one grew to fast as you all know occurs. Before I knew it she was ready for Kindergarten. I knew nothing different. I registered to the local public school. I felt the change in her that that process presents. A child will change when they enter school as they have to fend for themselves. I had to morn the new child in my hands. She was still mine to love and mine to teach but something's did change. She was still loving and full of life and learning but little seeds were planted that I could not unplant. I have no other words for what happened. The thought came to bring her home it did and I sadly ignored it. Now this child she survived public school . She graduated from there and she thrived
the entire way through. It can be done but folks it was a hard road. I had to stay diligent in keep  the Lord at her reach. I had to work hard at our relationship spreading it open for when infliction would arise. Then again no two roads are easy. Nothing Good ever is.

Soon I had my second child. This one much different than the first. She seemed so small and lost. She struggled to do everything but walk. This little one learned to walk at 9 months of age. And when
I say walk I mean run but her mind couldn't keep up with what her body was doing. I knew this. I knew and I knew it but I ignored it. I brushed it under the rug. I decided the best thing for her was to put her in preschool. I sigh here and loud long sigh because sending her away was really not the answer. Why did I think that someone could love and teach my child better than I could. As Kindergarten registration rolled around. I had to choose and I went with the  norm. I thought it was the thing to do. Just push her on they said. She will figure it out they said. She will have to they said. But who were they. I should know best. I should have shouted out for my child. Well
of course she struggled. She was bullied. She was humiliated. Shewas frustrated beyond words and I hate to say it but I allowed it to continue till 1st grade. Why I ask Why?? I have no good answer.

My heart began to break... I began to hear God. Each day I would walk her to the bus and she would cry. She would cry big heaves until she vomited. I'd have to take her back to the house , clean her up and drive her to school. I hated what was happening. And
Finally I yelled STOP! No more! A friend had told me all about educating at Home. She encouraged me and told me you would be great at it. You can do it. She was so right. I brought my child home with the support of her dad. Her entire person changed. She became a happy smiling child. The little girl I had so missed. She learned to read and write and she loved it. Bringing her home was the best thing for her.

And God had showed me my calling...

Isaiah 30:21

 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

I didn't know it at first. I didn't realize that my call to God would be to share Him with my family. To teach them at home  and to teach them in the ways of the Lord. That mother instinct was implanted,that teaching heart was deep seated and that creativity was for my families Joy. I did not know because I wasn't looking until God made me look.

Three other children came along. These three all learn at Home.

I am not saying that Educating at Home is for everyone  but if youare here reading this then it's probably on your heart. God probably has rooted that desire. If you are not sure Seek Him. Ask Jesus to
show you the path and then step forward. Don't wait like I did. Step forward and avoid a lot of heartache. You Got this . You can do it!

This article comes to you from Blogging through the Alphabetfrom Ben and Me Blog.

My ABC series will be taking you through the ins and outs of Educating at Home.  Click here to read the current Letter A's.

Ben and Me

Warm Blessings,



  1. Beautiful post Nikki! Blessed everyday by homeschooling as well!

  2. Such a great God-led Homeschooling testimony! Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

  3. Thank you for sharing -- your family is blessed by you accepting the call.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I feel very blessed to be spending time with my kids and homeschooling them.

  5. Beautiful! God's grace is more than sufficient :)
    Thanks for sharing, Rachael


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