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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator- Art History

This week my son age 14 created this drawing of Notre Dome.
He has in the past studied the building and decided to draw it
for his architecture project.


My  8 year old has been studying Ancient Chinese art.
We looked at various symbols of Chinese art and learned
that the dragon art comes from various animals. He is a symbol
for power and strength and so emperors often wanted to have that
as their symbol. Usually those dragons had five claws, Nobles
wore dragons with four claws and commoners could wear 3 clawed
dragons. My son created this garment. It is his attempt at a Chinese
dress. He was to create his symbol and he choose his own style of
dragon. We did a crayon resist. I was going to have him cut out the
garment but we never got there.

Sweet Pea (4)  tried to make this crayon resist too. She drew shapes
with blue crayon and then did a purple wash.


Come and link up with us. We would love for you to join us
in sharing our weekly art.


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Hop each week.

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  1. Very nice work - all of them! I remember doing the Chinese dragons, and all of my kids really enjoyed drawing them and learning about the different kinds. :-)

  2. Beautiful drawings well done :) I love the detail in each one. Well done


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