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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Using Pinterest to Plan...

Homeschooling with Pinterest

I started using Pinterest some time ago. Most people use their pinterest
page to gather pictures of ideas they would like to some day use. They
use it to collect pretty pictures of various colors, outfits they might like
to buy or home improvements that they may one day do or perhaps just
to dream about what life could "look like" for them. I use pinterest as
a place I can archive ideas I can use in our homeschool. At the
moment I have 296 boards and the  majority of those boards are for
educating my kids and for helping me to make a plan for their education.

Nikki's Pinterest

Let me tell you first how it is organized. At the top right now of
my Page you will find Easter Activities. Then right away I  begin with
Toddler ideas, into Preschool which then goes into ABC themed ideas.
These themed ideas can be used with varying ages. I like to use these
when we want to work in a unit study of some kind or if we are doing a
literature based activity say on Apples. Then I might use the apple theme
to find other ideas to do along with our story books for that week. These
themes are great fun for the kids and many times the older kids jump in on
them as well. I made sure when creating boards that I was pretty specific so
I wouldn't have to wade through a lot of things I didn't need when looking
up a particular unit or theme. Below is an example of only a few of the boards
that  begin in ABC order. There are many more all the way to Z. 

After those  pages. I begin the pages for Math , Science, History and
Literature. Each Specific in content.  I did a little revision and moving around
over there so it may not look exactly like the example below but you get the
idea of the various tops that are represented. 

This is some of the Science and History Boards. After those topics
I have boards on various interests the kids might have. Like arts,
Music and wire sculpture to name a few. 

Of course pinterest wouldn't be pinterest if I didn't use some of the space for me.
So,  I go into resources that will help me homeschool, Activities for the various
 Seasons, Holidays, Recipes, there are a few there on cleaning and home
management. All things that homeschooling Mommas need.   This is an
example of some homeschool helps and then going into seasonal activities. 

As I move to the end of my pinterest I have bible study materials for
the kids and for myself. Then some group boards I share with other
people to end the fun.

Now how does all this pinning help me. Well , I have been
homeschooling for awhile and I come across many great resources.
It can be hard to catalog them and save them when you need them. I
might see something for a native American study but it is no use keeping
it now since we won't be using that for another 2 years. Most of the time
those resources were wasted because even if I did save them to my computer
often times I'd forget that I even had them. Pinterest has made saving those
things for a later time much easier to index.

When I am ready to plan my lessons. I will open the boards that might be
helpful to me. Sometimes that might be one board such as Native American
Study and other times I might open  more than one. Say I'm doing a lesson
on plant life. I can open Strawberry board, Dandelions, Nature Study, Farm,
Trees, and perhaps Biology. Maybe even Pond or even Art if I want to draw
some plant life. It can broaden from there from the kids interests.

Once I have my ideas then I begin clicking the links to the topics that seem
to fit our study. If they do not fit I move on and if they do I add them to
our weekly plan. Many times there are free downloads. I will print those
and then add them to our weekly file. It has made planning so much easier.

If for some reason I can't find a particular topic or can't find anything that
will fit. I can type in the search engine of pinterest and it will share
many more picture links to the various topic that I may be needing.

That is how I use my pinterest. I use it as an index for saving many of
those great ideas. If you want to learn more about how others
 Homeschool with Pinterest. Click on the link provided.

Warm Blessings,



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