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Monday, March 31, 2014

Unilmited Water

Greetings it is another week in eating healthy and learning to live
a new lifestyle. I wanted to talk about water this week. Before
I began my healthy lifestyle I hated drinking water. I always had
some sort of juice or sugary drink added too it. I thought I didn't
like how water tasted. That just doesn't makes sense that our bodies
would be made of water but I didn't like water. I don't think God
would do that. What I did was teach my body over years of abuse
not to like water. The first few days I thought I'd never be able to
do it. I went cold turkey and swore off  any other drink but water as
my sole source. It was hard at first. I had to force it down. I would
put it in a cup with a straw and sip on it all day long. I knew my
body needed it. I knew this was the healthy way so I pushed through.

I have recently had a diagnosis of GERD. Well I guess it's been a
year actually. GERD is when you body produces an over amount of acid
in the stomach that cause heart burn or other discomforts. Mine got so bad
that it caused my esophagus to become swollen. I had so much pain it
felt a little like a heart attack but I knew that wasn't what it was. It took
some time for it to heal. It was about a month before I was eating real food
and not liquids. In fact I found I could eat cantaloupe and ate that for
just about every meal.  So part of my healthy eating has to do with this I
needed a change but change can be hard . It took me some time to begin
really figuring things out.  Now I have to tell you once I embraced
drinking water I stopped needing medicine for GERD
and I barely even notice I have this issue anymore. I really notice
a difference when I drink a nice amount of water that day to a day I
don't drink as I should. I have a terrible habit of not drinking at all.
I will realize about 12 noon sometimes even later that I haven't had
anything to drink all day. So water and drinking has to be a thought out
thing for me. Without it I feel tired, I can have GERD attacks and
I sometimes feel hungrier. It's like my body confuses hunger for thirst.

These are all things I'm figuring out about myself as I go. Now water
can get tiring at times . I have found that adding different fruits to it
can give it a little zest once in awhile and help change things up but still
be healthy for me. Here are a few recipes I'd like to try or have tried.

Apple Cinnamon Water Recipe

Strawberry Basil Water

Raspberry Lime Water

Naturally Flavored Water

Of course there is no substitute for water. Clear and pure.
Once a day I allow myself one alternate drink. Some days
I don't drink anything but water. Other days I might have milk,
tea or a soda if we are out and about. Very rarely do I drink
soda anymore at all. That one day limit has really made a difference
in my weight loss journey course water has no
limit. It is great the way it is.

Warm Blessings,



  1. I'm proud of you! I went on Weight Watchers over 7 years ago and stopped drinking sodas. After a few years of drinking Koolaid, I found out that I'm allergic to red dye, so now I only drink water and lemonade. I drink very little lemonade though. I also don't think about drinking. I just don't get thirsty, until I'm dehydrated, then I drink an awful lot. I never put anything in my water, but I've always loved the taste of water.


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