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Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Field Trip


1. Over the weekend we decided we all needed a day out. It was finally
warm so we took advantage of that taking a little trip to a local Park.
The park has a small museum for kids to touch and explore. I saw an
ad in our local homeschool group email and it said that our Nixon Park
was going to have a special Ocean day. A marine biologist would be
there and we would be able to do many activities and learn all about the
ocean. The idea of thinking of the ocean and the warm sun sounded
grand to me. 

2. Of course the old standbys are the museum were still a hit with
the little kids. I love that they can touch and explore. They had a big
tub with water and different organisms and animals inside. The kids were
allowed to dig in it gently and locate the various creatures. 

(even the big one likes puppets) 


3. They had various other exhibits to explore like the
X-rays below .....

and a couple of little live critters.

4. My favorite was this giant felt board. They had laminated ocean pictures
that the kids could place on it in anyway they would like. 

They took some time playing with that. 

I secretly want a giant felt board in my house. Do you think I
could add it down the hallway. (grin)

5. There were other activities as well. We were able to do some Ocean Art and
take a story walk. The story walk was awesome. We went out to one of the
trails and a book page was posted at the start. As we would walk we
would see signs like the one below and be able to read the story. This is
the last page. We made it.



 It was so nice to get out and about. I am sure we will make a trip
to Nixon Park again .

The Pebble Pond


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