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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nutrition Monday

Welcome to Nutrition Monday. If you know me in real time then
you might know that I am working on losing weight and beginning to
make healthy lifestyle changes. It has not been an easy road so far
but I keep learning new things every day. Most of my life I have put
myself last. I was under the belief that God wanted me to be a servant
and He does want that but He also wants me to take care of the body
He gave to me. This is a hard concept for moms to come to sometimes.
We are the nurturers and generally caretakers. We push ourselves to the
back and take care of everyone else. What I have realized is that if I
don't care for myself then I can't be the best for those that need me the
most. So , I wanted to share myself with you and my journey. Each
Monday I will share a lesson learned or my emotions in this journey.
Monday will be about ME.

To begin with I wanted to tell you about my beginning a little.
I didn't start out in life as overweight. In fact I started out pretty
skinny. My mom often says that she could put her one hand around
my bony leg. That may be so but there was an insecurity in me that I
am not sure where it came from. I didn't trust myself or my abilities in
anything I did. I was shy and I felt like nothing I did was good enough.
I felt like I had to do everything perfectly or not at all. At first I tried so
hard for that perfection but as you can imagine perfection isn't possible.
Over time those emotions really took over me and placed me in the spot
I am in today. I don't blame anyone for the choices I have made. I made
them myself . It has taken me a long time to feel ready, ready to accept
who I am inside and accept that I can't be perfect in any one persons
eye or even my own.  I feel like suddenly I woke up and here I am
not recognizing me. I'm ready to make the changes in my life now but I
am so used to living this old lifestyle that I had no idea how to change.
It all seems simple enough doesn't it but if you don't know then you
can't change. I have a lot to learn. The more I soak in and read the
better I can do for me.

And so here I am, Ready and willing . I wanted to create a statement for
my journey that reflects me and what I am going through. I think it might
help to keep my  mind motivated because this road isn't going to be
easy or even be able to ever end. It's a lifestyle change that works for me.

"I will love myself enough to live healthy and fight for the right
of imperfection. I will keep my eyes focused on my goal because
tomorrow would be another day wasted"

No more I'm start tomorrow. It all starts now and his moment forward.

Warm Blessings,



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