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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Motivated Mom's - Review

Motivated Moms Review

Guess what? I'm a Motivated Mom! I have joined the ranks of
moms everywhere who are desperate to become organized.
What is a Motivated Mom you ask??

Motivated Mom's is a house cleaning schedule. A Chore Planning
System that will help you get your self organized and help you
keep your home clean. Now it's not a magic system. You still have
to do the work on the list each day but if you start where you are
soon your home will be organized with  your time being used effectively.

What I Received :

I tend to be a paper kind of girl. I like to be able to hold it , scratch on it
and make it my own. There are various  Motivated Mom's Ebook's 
depending  on your needs. You can choose different sized chore lists,
if you want a planner included, bible reading for the week, color , or
black and white pages. Each of the Ebook's are $8 a piece for one
year of  tasks. It is phenomenal that Motivated Mom's created
so many choices for the many different moms in the world. I
choose the Motivated Mom's Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible
Readings in Black and white print.

I decided to leave out the planner because I have a system that works
for me right now and I didn't feel it was needed for this season of my life.
However as I change and our family changes I will be able to later
choose the planner if it becomes needed. I also choose black and white
because I tend to try to be frugal with our spending. Our color ink can
be a little costly for our specific printer.

There are various versions of Motivated Mom's because all of us are
different and like different ways of planning. Some of you might be tech
savvy and prefer Motivated Mom's iOS App (with full Year server access)
The iSO app comes with 2 months of tasks and server access for $1.99.
Each additional month is .99 or you can pay 7.99 for the year.
I did not receive the App but wanted to mention it .

Supplies Needed:

If you choose the Ebook you will need  a printer to print out your
pages. You might want to go with getting it printed at a local
print shop and have it comb bound. I choose to print it off each
week when I was printing my other plans for the week. I typically
do my planning for the week on Sunday after church services. I use
a clipboard that I keep on hand for that week. I clip on it our weekly
school schedule, Calendar for the week, and my Motivated moms
Chore system. Sometimes I include projects I am working on as well.
You won't need anything else other than cleaning supplies and a
willingness to complete the tasks on the Checklist.


How do you get it all done?

This is the question isn't it. I hear it all the time.  How do you
get everything done that you need to get done when you are
homeschooling, trying to manage a home, manage ministry,
take care of your children , be a doting wife and mother?  It can
be difficult to find a balance of  all of these things. (Proverbs 31
comes to mind.)  As women, we are often torn between tasks.
There are only so many hours in a day something always seems
to fall behind but what? Certainly not time spent with our family.

So what do we do? What are the answers for us mom's who
are motivated to do all we can do for our families. I don't have
all the answers but there is help out there. There are tools that
we can use to help us be more productive and Motivated Mom's
can be one of the tools.

How we used it and more about the system.

Enlist your kids to help

I believe in Routine for children.  I feel that keeping that
routine helps them to learn how to become organized. Most
children seem to thrive on structure of some kind. As part of
that routine my children are expected as part of the family to
complete chores.  
At the beginning of the week I highlight
the chores that I will assign to the children for that week.

Down the left side of my Chore Chart appears the daily
for the day. Under Each task is a box to check off when
you have completed the task for that week. The chores that
have stars beside them are chores that are done by the children on
a rotating basis or by all of us on a rotating basis depending on the
task at hand. For example each member of the family is responsible
for making their own bed when they get up in the morning. This is
part of our morning routine. It has become a habit when we get up
 just like brushing our teeth. Now you will see I wrote in brushing
teeth and taking baths. That is for the little one so she has something
to check off too on a daily basis just like the older kids do.

Now before I go on and share my pictures I want you
to know that we live in an old fixer up farm house. We have a
lot of painting to do this summer . Projects we can add later to
our weekly planner in the blank spaces provided. Now with this
old farm house in mind we  do not have a dish washer. Our old
kitchen has no space for one. So the older kids and myself take
turns washing the dishes. As part of washing the dishes you are
required when finished to clean out the kitchen sink , to wash
down all the counters, change the towels and dish cloth. So
basically that is a couple of chores on the checklist that can be
crossed off for the day.

I typically do the laundry and fold it but then I put it in piles and the
kids are responsible for putting their clothing in their drawers. Any
way you can get the kids involved early is a good idea. It really helps
later on as they get older. They live here and help make the messes
they can help clean them up.

Starting Right to left - Superboy (14) sweeping up, Spirit (8)
wiping down the bathroom sink , and Princess (16) washing dishes.

Princess bed all made and ready for the day. There is a
reason you don't see the boys beds made. They are still learning
how to make them properly. Now I don't fix what they have done
but try to teach how to do it along side them.

Feeding the  pet is also on the Daily list. We happen to have a turtle
and rabbits. We have 3 rabbits in pens outside and one inside rabbit.
The kids are solely responsible for caring for these pets. Superboy
is responsible for cleaning out the turtle pen but Sweet pea likes to
feed him. Princess' rabbit is indoors she is responsible for cleaning
out the cage and feeding her rabbit. The boys rabbits are outdoors.
They are to clean out pens, water them daily and feed them. For
many of the chores I get to be the supervisor or helper . My goal
it so teach along the way so they can become independent one day.



 Now to the right of the planner is a list of tasks to be
completed for each day. I admit I don't stick strictly to the
day of that particular week. For example I usually menu plan on
Friday mornings and Grocery shop for the week on Friday afternoon.
So menu planning on Sunday doesn't work for me. I can coupon
on Sunday that makes sense as that is when the paper is released but
our pay check comes on Friday. For us that is when the food shopping
occurs. It also may come about that you are busy on one particular day
so what I like to do is look at the list of items as a whole week. Instead
of each individual days activities. Some days are busier than others and
sometimes I can't quite get to all the tasks for that day. Look at the
week as a whole list worked better for me.  Most of the tasks in this
area are on a rotating basis by month, two or three depending on the
task.  So if for some  reason you don't get to a particular task it will
rotate through again in a later month.

The tasks are broken down into manageable jobs. Such as cleaning
out a shelf in your refrigerator or dusting your children's dresser.
These are intermixed with bigger jobs like wet mopping or cleaning
your stove inside and out. What I thought was interesting was how
one week you would wash one shelf of your refrigerator and then the
next week another. So it occurred on a continuing basis but it wasn't
the entire big job of cleaning out the fridge all at once. I liked that.

 Many of the cleaning assignments in this section I didn't even
think to add to my to do list
. Things like dusting the light fixtures.
Now, they really do need done but it's not something I thought much
about over all and in the end I would end up needing to do a big clean
because it would become to dusty. There are also seasonal reminders
which I really appreciated. These are the duties that are often over
looked and soon become bigger jobs later down the road. If you print
out the planner as a whole I can see that being a benefit too because
early on you can add birthdays to your list of things to do and
when the car needs to go in for inspection or oil change.



Sweet pea is cleaning up the bath toys and
Spirit is watering mom's plants

Consider your health and well being

A feature of Motivated Mom's that I welcome is the encouragement
to care for yourself . We are so busy that often as mom's we tend to put
ourselves last. Well at least I do.  I have recently been working on eating
healthy and exercising . It is nice that that is included on my daily to do
list. Along with the reminder to take my vitamins. On the flip side not only
is your physical health part of the plan but your mental as well. There is a
place to check that quiet time for each day and  the time allotted
for sitting with the Lord in reading God's word. The bible reading
plan will take you through your bible in one years time.

 My Final thoughts

I'm a list maker. I like schedules and checklists. I function
best when I have a plan. Motivated Moms took the tedious
task of cleaning my home into manageable pieces. This system
for home management is completely me.

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Media you can find them on ....
Facebook    and  Twitter

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Warm Blessings,

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