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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Readers...


Dear Readers,                                                                                 

I'm sick again. It has been the worst winter for me . I tend not to
get sick very often but this year. Oh my I have had everything. At
least it feels like everything. Just when I dig myself out of feeling
a mess with household duties, kids , lessons and church activities
well it happens again. I find myself  in the same situation.I'm slightly
confused by that since I have been eating healthy. I have been
exercising and losing weight and yet my immune system seems
to be out on vacation. Maybe I need a multivitamin but I'm not even
sure where to start with that. Any suggestion on resources would
really help. There is so much going on in our household right now.

Yesterday we went to BJ's wholesale. I am awe. It can be so expensive
to buy food for a family of 6. I really am loving the bulk items. Usually
if we buy a box of popsicles for example then each family member gets
one. As you can imagine this can add up. Buying in bulk is exciting to
me. I can now provide more for my family at a better price. It really
makes sense for us. I wish I had joined  sooner. You can check at
BJ's for a store near you.

We also ran yesterday to look for a sofa. A new to us one. We looked at
new ones but I just couldn't fit it into the budget right now.  I searched
around and we found one that would work. Princess sat on the old one
 it and  went right down in the middle with her feet wiggling in the air. It
was a funny site for sure. Poor kid. This morning the trash pick up took
the sofa and next week they will take the love seat. We are allowed one
big pick up per week.

There is so much I could chat about but starting to feel like I need
a rest again. So I'll sign off her but wanted to send you a little
chat note so you know that I'm thinking of my little blog.

Hope all are well.



  1. I take women's vitamins. I can't swallow large pills, so I take the gummies. I also take a drop of liquid vitamin D and 2 gummy vitamin C's each day. My girls and I take vitamin C, starting in the fall, until after all the cold weather is gone.

    I'll be praying for you to get well soon. :)


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