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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chinese Art and Ocean Animals

What does Chinese Art and Ocean animals have in common
well nothing other than that is the art we created this week.

This week in our Art history we took a look at Chinese art. We
learned about artists that would paint with one color typically black.
We watched some videos on how each leaf is painted with one stroke.
So we tried our hand at making some bamboo pictures. The kids are
familiar with what bamboo looks like in real life as our neighbor used
to grow it in his back yard. They would often go over and play with stalks.

This is Spirits age 8

I tried my hand at it and then allowed Sweet Pea age 4 to paint
on it too. Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

Over the weekend we went to a local park who was having
 special Ocean weekend. A Marine biologist came out and talked
with the children. They did many activities which I'll share later this
week. The park has a mini museum attached to it. Below the kids
are working on a pair of sea turtles. They look simple enough to create.

Sweet Pea's turtle age 4

Spirits Turtle Age 8

We also did some fish printing. It was really cool to do.
They had these large rubber fish and the kids painted colors
onto them. They also had a starfish and other options.

Of course Sweet Pea did hers all in pink as usual.
Once they were done being painted the kids took a piece of
paper and gently pressed it over the top of the fish.

This is the result of both pictures below. The kids loved this
activity and I think would have made more if allowed.


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  1. Cool stamping. One of my girls loves pink, too. Is art at your park a frequent event? That is the kind of thing that I miss about living in the city.

  2. Great projects! Love the fish prints!


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