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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

6 Goal Soccer

It's been awhile since I posted a new game for Healthy Me.
I used to work at our local before and after care program and
was introduced to many physical education type of activities. I
wanted to use Healthy me as a place to record them and later
print out so that I can keep a list of those game ideas. As well
as a place to record our health lessons. Today's game is called...

Game: 6 Goal Soccer

Number of players- You must have at least 12 kids playing.
If you have less kids you can play with less goals.

Materials needed: Something to indicate goals if you don't have
them. A good thing to use for this exercise for goals is cones to
mark the spaces. Each side will have three goals. You can move them
around to various areas if you like or if you have more kids playing you
can add more goals. You will divide your playing area in half and
then you will set up the goals. Don't space your cones to far apart a
very small goal is in order for this exercise. Perhaps about a foot wide.
 You will also need 3 soccer balls for each team. Six balls
altogether. You can use more or less.

How to Play: Each team will have 6 players on it.
Three of the players will guard the three goals on their
side of the field. Those goalies will count how many balls sneak
through their goals. The game does not stop if a goal is made.
 Each team will have three players running and kicking to get balls into the
goals on the opposing teams side. If they get a goal the goalie can leave
their goal and toss the ball to the other side, however it can be a risk
if your goal is unguarded as another opponent may be able to get a goal
off of you too. No one is assigned to any particular goal you can score
in any on the opposing team. The game ends after a certain time
deemed by the adult. The winning team has scored the most goals
and you can switch places and play again.

This is a fun way to get all kids involved and playing.

Warm Blessings,



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