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Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter and I aren't friends.

Winter 2014.....

Winter is not my favorite Season. I'm more of a Summer and Fall sort of girl.
Well, Any season where I don't need a heavy coat and my feet are warm.
Now I don't hate winter mind you we just aren't the best of friends. I have
learned over the years that when I have to give some negative feedback to
my children it's best if I start first with the positive.... So let's start positive..

I do enjoy when the kids get to play outdoors and enjoy the weather.
It's good for the lungs. Except when the weather forecasters says you have
poor air quality then well not so good.

I do secretly wish I could go sledding too and not be afraid of breaking
something vital. They sure do look like they are having fun jumping
those snow made ramps.

I do Think Snow can provide plenty of exercise opportunities like
shoveling, building snowmen and walking up and down hills while
sledding. It can make for good practice balancing on that ice too.
Which secretly I have not defeated. Ouch.

There are plenty of educational activities for the little ones. Like how
ice melts. You can learn all about solids, liquids and gases. The older
kids can learn the physics of sledding and you can do bible lessons
on how no two snowflakes  alike. God made us all different and loved.
 There are so many adorable art  projects out there and the list goes on.
  In fact take a peek at my Winter Pinterest page. I'm always adding
more to it. If your looking for ideas.

Anyway back to my little list...

The snow also makes easy ice cream and if your power goes out
you have a refrigerator right in your own backyard.

Winter is also a nice excuse to make hot chocolate and eat
some of my favorite hearty soups like Loaded Broccoli soup
and my secret Chili Recipe. Mmm soup.

And Winter is great for the imagination of a little girl who
likes to pretend that snowman can talk. That little girl who
talks to him for awhile and even has a snowball battle with him
while her brothers are sledding down dangerous hills.

But like I mentioned Winter and I here along the East Coast are not
really good friends. Yes there are nice qualities and probably more
that I didn't think of but there are more things I don't like...

For instance....

My electric bill goes sky high. Like more than triple.

My pipes have frozen 3 times so far this year. Which included
no showers once and flushing toilets with buckets of water all
three times. Once we also had busted pipes and called the plumber in.

My feet always feel cold.

My walkway is ice. Even when we salt because the temps are to
low to melt anything. Even the salt rock doesn't work.

Falling down on said ice is not so good either.
Which has happened once so far. Ouch.

Shoveling out the driveway and oh the mailbox...

Our mailbox is along a major highway. So when they plow they
plow that poor mailbox under. It is chiseled among the ice. The
neighbor was nice enough to push the ice aside for us.

When I want to get my mail. I have to walk all the way around
the house down the side road onto the highway. Where cars are
speeding by on ice mind you as I toddle toward our mailbox hoping
I don't fall for all to see . Then getting to the box and prying it open
if you are lucky. Usually I cut across our yard. Down the grassy hill ,
snag my mail and head across the yard. My son jokes that I ought to
sled down to the box but then I'd hit the highway. ha ha so not a good
plan really. Yeah winter and I aren't friends.

I do remember the days when I was a child and loved the snow. I had
no worries about it at all but when you grow up reality hits....

You dread digging your car out and here in PA there is a law about
not leaving snow on the top of your car while you drive. So if you have
a mini van perhaps you will have to get something to get that snow off.
It is not an easy task. Never mind trying to get your car doors open if
you are lucky enough to not have them frozen. 

The other thing I dislike immensely is driving in it. Most of the time
I just don't. I panic and don't like that feeling of not being in control of
my vehicle. Plus I'd like to keep my kids all in one piece think you.

I really just don't even like the fact that I have to watch the
weather. Normally I wouldn't be zoned in on the news forecaster
but in winter you  have no choice. Your days sort of revolve
around what its going to do next.

I'm also a person who likes being outside but does not under any
 circumstances like being cold. So as you can guess
Winter is not my friend.

Just this morning I stepped out and snow fell on my head from the porch.
It's just taunting me I think. Just daring me to come out so it can spew more
wetness at me.

I do admit when it first snows I like it. It's beautiful and peacefully quiet
but its all a cover up I tell you. It is drawing you in when  reality is it
wants to break you. Full of smiles at first till the 3rd or 4th snow. I can't
even count this year how many we have had. I'm beyond frowning.

No we aren't friends at all but my children don't know . They like Old
Man winter. They squeal with delight over the fluffy white. They are
all smiles and happily experiencing this  thing called winter.

I can't help but smile a little because they smile.

They spend a least an hour bundling up and finding their gear only
to giggle and yell out the door as they go.

Ohh and that made me think of the snow boots and wet icy clothes
that return. The balls of snow through the house and the pile of
laundry in the basket. I try . I really do try to like it but Winter sure
makes it hard.

By the way We are reportedly having more snow on WED.
And THURSDAY and Well maybe this WEEKEND TOO!!!

Sigh... Winter just is not my friend.

Warm Blessings



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