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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Virtual Fridge - Heart Art

Happy Valentines Day to everyone !!!

This week  we made some HEART ART. I drew a heart for the little
ones and their job was to fill it with collage material. I truly envisioned
something else. I saw them following the outside of the heart and working
their way in but that isn't what they saw and that is completely ok. It's about
the PROCESS and not the PRODUCT.

They found these little wiggle eyes in the collage material and suddenly
I was seeing little faces.

This is my sons age 8 (Spirit)

This one is my daughters Age 4. It's interesting to see what they decided
to use and do. I see Sweet pea began following the line of the heart but
soon decided to go a different way.

With it being the month of Love I thought it might be fun to
teach the young ones how to make hearts out of construction paper.

Here Spirit is folding his paper in half.

Sweet Pea is concentrating on her cutting skills.

Spirit drew his hearts and cut them out on his own.

I helped Sweet Pea draw hers but she cut them herself.
Incidentally she has been able to use a scissors at a pretty young
age. I allowed her to explore that and now she cuts amazingly.

Both of the children figured out that their heart scrap paper
made some neat art too...

Course my older son had to show them his creation.
The little ones were in Awe...

Now he's just showing off.

After cutting out hearts the decided to create another art
project and add some glitter. I had nothing to do with this one.


Beautiful Heart ART.

We would love to have you share your child's art with us.
The inspiration to create!!

You are welcome to join us with the Virtual Refrigerator and
link up below .


Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun
Hop each week.

Warm Blessings,


You can find the Link up right at HERE!!


  1. Glitter, feathers, and wiggly eyes are all fun additions. I love their smiles with their heart art.


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