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Thursday, February 20, 2014


This week we studied the Art from Cathedrals during the
Middle ages. It fell right in line with our history lesson. Most
Cathedrals had stained glass windows for their art so typically
they don't have wall paintings but they do have Triptych's which
are usually sitting at the alter in the Cathedral.

We looked at many pictures of different Triptychs our favorite
being the one of Jesus' Birth. You can find it Here. There are several
similar as well. Just go and google Triptych and then click images.
You will find many.

Using what we learned about Tryptychs I encouraged the children to
Create one using a story they knew well. Both children choose the
Story of the Three Bears.

This is Spirits (8). He shows in the middle the house and if you peek
in the door you can see the table set for the bears. To the right
you see the table up close and to the  left you find the chairs and
the beds of the bears.

This is Sweet Pea's (4) she did the bears too. You can see the
baby bear there in the middle and her attempt at chairs toward
the top .

We would love to have you share your child's art with us.
The inspiration to create!!

You are welcome to join us with the Virtual Refrigerator and
link up below .


Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun
Hop each week.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Very nice! The Three Bears lends itself to a triptych quite well.


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