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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Random 5 Winter Edition

I'm a little late on Random 5 this week . I have had a nasty stomach
bug but I wanted to share our winter week with you...

1. This week we had a nice big winter storm  This is the first time
the kids have actually been able to use their sleds. We have had a
number of days with snow but the temps were in the negatives. This
was our really first play snow. We have a big  hill on our property and
the boys were able to sled. They made a snow ramp too which always
scares mom just a little bit. Secretly I wanted to go too.

2. I caught this picture of spirit as some snow went to fall
on him from the house. You can see it there if you look closely.

4. Spirit and Sweet pea decided to build a snowman. Sweet pea
wanted him to be made of fruits and veggies. He had a carrot nose
and grapes for eye. She also did some light sledding on the little
hill by our house not the big one the boy went on.

5. Two days later we had an ice storm . The ice was so thick on
everything. Frosty's carrot nose fell to the ground and you can
see from the photo how thick the ice was because it created a
new ice nose. That was how much was on top of the carrot before
it fell when it became to heavy.

5. We were very lucky to be on of the few that still had power.
I went to church today and some areas still do not have power.
Which I going on 5 days. Wow.

Warm Blessings,



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