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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mom's Learn Lessons Too

We have had one of those really bad weeks as a homeschool mom. You
know the ones. The days when the kids are upset about their assignments.
Not just one assignment but ALL the assignments. They don't want to read
or spell or figure any  math. They don't want to do their chores or any job
they are told to do. They just want to play or lay around.

Spirit had gotten to a unit in his math he just didn't like. Now it's not that
he can't do math word problems because he can when he works really
hard and thinks them through. He just had this attitude all week that
was shouting I Don't want to do School!!  I tried really hard to push
through it . Push through the fussing. Push through the older ones
complaining about writing but then a mom can't take anymore .
A friend called us  with an invitation and it was  a great
solution. So we jumped on the idea!!

Right after Lunch we took the kids to see the New LEGO Movie!!
You can see a clip from the movie below.   The really great
thing was that it was the middle of the afternoon and not a soul
was in that theatre with us. Sweet pea could talk all she wanted to
without worry . She even stood for some of the movie. It was a
really cute film for the kids. Sweet Pea didn't focus to well on it
being four but my 8 year old Loved it. I enjoyed watching their
faces during the movies.

This little mini break we took well it worked. This morning they
have been working hard and Spirit incidentally whizzed right through
that math that was annoying him so much. I even got a big hug and I
love you mom last night. I learned a lesson here. Pushing through is
not always the answer. Sometimes stopping and taking a break
is all you need to solve those troublesome math problems. There is
a time and place for both pushing and stopping. Finding that balance
as always....

Thank you to my dear friend Jan for inviting us. The kids had
a Great time. When we left she gave the kids each a Lego cup from
McDonalds. You are such a dear friend. Hugs if your reading.

Sweet Pea with her cup. I didn't get a photo of the boys because
they were off in LEGO land.

Warm Blessings,



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