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Friday, February 28, 2014

It's a Random Week


1.  The winter Blahs were really catching up to us this week. It went
from the 40's right back to the negatives again. It was sort of a little tease.
It got us all excited and hoping for Spring only to drop and remind us we
are a bit early in our thinking. The kids were a wreck so we took a break
and went to see the Lego Movie. The children have been playing with legos
every since. It sparked a "let's create" in them.

2. I'm still working on my eating clean plan, exercising and trying new
recipes. I have friends that have tried Trim Healthy Mama's . I ordered
their book. I have been interested in some of the recipes I saw. I may sort of
do a combo of Trim healthy and clean eating. Hoping it all works out. I did
take a before photo but not ready to share just yet.

3. It is funny how things can inspire other people to try new things. I have
been posting on my pinterest clean recipes and my mom told me she tried
one of the recipes that I pinned there.  I also have had other homeschool moms
tell me what a resource they have found my pinterest page. I am so glad it
is such a resource to so many. I even had a mom this week ask me about
some preschool links. I sent her right over. Love pinterest. Here is my page
if you want to go look Nikki's Pinterest.

4. This week I also posted my first review of 2014 for the Schoolhouse
Crew. Well not my first for the Crew but my first for this year. I am so glad
it was Kinderbach we had a great time with it.

5. Yesterday what a day. My parents car left them sit so Sweet pea and I
ran to meet them. Their car had actually shut off so there was my dad in
-7 degree weather with his dog and now heat. Mom called and so I went and
picked her up and then we sat with dad till the tow truck came. Luckily the
had a garage appointment since it was acting funny and that was where he was
headed. It is fixed for them already. We have been having issues too and 
are on the market for a new Van. Anyway after all of that Sweet Pea
was tuckered out. See picture above.

Warm Blessings,

The Pebble Pond


  1. Oh my! It's been one of those teasing weeks here to. We've had temps up to the 60s and today there is a chance for a "wintry mix" !


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