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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I love....

I love telling the people in my life that I love them and so I really do
love Valentines day. Not the commercial part but the lovey I love you part.
 This year I gave each of them a little treat and we spent time making heart Pizzas.

I love that this morning my daughter woke me rubbing my hair and
she says "Mommy are you ok. " I had over slept you see.

I love that the sky is blue today and not the white snowy look.

I love that Daddy set up the toy train so the little ones can play. This
might mean school will go well for the older children because the little
ones have something to occupy their time.

I love that my son (spirit) reads his math story problems in a scary voice as if
there is some great anticipation as to what the answer might become.

I love that I got on the scales this morning and lost 8 more lbs. I had
been avoiding the darn thing because we have a love hate relationship.

I love that when I'm feeling down superboy has a way of making  me smile.

I love that Spirit loves reading books about the revolutionary war.

I love that my oldest daughter heart called me yesterday morning to
tell me her wedding gown was in and she has sometime now to get it altered.

I love that her fiancé and her are getting a new apartment with better parking.

I love that Princess and I are going to a college seminar tonight.

I love that my bible reading this morning was like God was
talking right to me . Like we were having a secret conversation.

I love that the little ones and I are having such a great time with Kinderbach.

I love the big green cup my aunt got me from Starbucks. I fill that with
water and it stays nice and cold for hours. I don't even drink Starbucks.

I love all the giggles and smiles from making pizza and I love that Princess'
pizza is round.

I love that all of you come hear and read about our little lives . I
really love my blog and enjoy writing.

Warm Blessings to all of you...

What do you Love.



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