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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words They Say

When the littles are little they say the cutest things
just because they are learning and growing.  I thought it
would be fun for me to choose a few of my littles quotes from
2013 for your to enjoy. A little giggle for your day.

My littles are Sweet Pea age 4
and Spirit Age 7

After Grocery shopping we are putting Groceries away...

  Sweet Pea says Are you done yet?
Our response... no
"Well if you'd like me to have a popsicle just call me ok".

I asked Spirit what his assignment was and he said...
"I don't recommend it. " 

This one was noted in August when we were on our train ride
Sweet Pea was looking at a picture book with my mom. She asked
what the animal was and mom said that's a mouse.

"She said Ohh I know that one it moves our computer"

Spirit says Mommy guess what today is?? At the time it was Mother's day.
 So I play along thinking I'm about to get a mothers day hug and a
Happy Mothers day greeting. Then he says really loud and excited like
" ITS CHURCH DAY !!!" Just as good I think.

My kids are worth the moon and back. I will cherish these
days as they grow so quickly.

Warm Blessings,



  1. The things children say are so wonderful. The funny sayings haven't stopped at our house : ) My 16 yo said something last week that still has me laughing. Keep writing them down because you will forget. Thanks for sharing. Life & Blessings to you.


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