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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Virtual Art- Faith Ringgold

Welcome to another post on the Virtual Refrigerator.  I have
gathered with a  group of 3 other bloggers  working to share
our children's art each week. I feel that Art and creating things
with our hands is important to our studies. It is so nice to see
what other ideas there are out there for kids to do and to have
a platform to share my children's creations.

We would love to have your join us. You can share art,
crafts, or even photography in our link up.

This week here in PA we were dealing with -20 temps. It registered
as -11 but according to news it felt like -20 because of wind chills. This
meant that we lost water because our pipes froze. In fact we are still
trying to thaw out.  So we didn't get as much art done as usual but we
did a little lesson on Faith Ringgold. Faith incorporates two of my
favorite things quilts and painting. Now I don't quilt but I love looking
at them but I do paint.  I just love the idea behind it all. Each quilt tells
a story. We looked at Faith Ringgold's website and her quilt Tar Beach

We were able to look at pictures of the quilt online and hear Faith talk
about how she created her quilts on Youtube.

On the border of Faiths quilts she writes out the story that the images tell.
She got the idea for Tar beach from African American slaves. While working
in the fields they sang songs of wanting to fly to freedom. And so
the story goes that the little girl on the quilt is laying on the top of her
building dreaming that whatever she flies over she will own.
You can watch the video below but she also has a published book you could
purchase. I'd love to have these in our home. They are beautifully done.

We wanted to create some art that represented what Faith did.

My son age 7 soon 8 made this quilt. My four year old made one
too but gave hers to her pap before I got a photo. 

We used scrapbook paper squares around our border and then
drew a picture depicting what he would like to own. I typed it out
in word but did not get it attached to his work just yet but wanted to share
it so here it is... Below is what he wrote about his story quilt.

I am flying over a construction site because I like seeing the
diggers and machines. I would like to dig there and work. I
would like to drive a truck. I think I would build a hospital and
tall buildings. Maybe even a tunnel for trains.

I would put the American Flag at our hospital too because it's a
sign for our army. I want people to remember that.

By Spirit age 7

Thanks for joining us.

Warm Blessings,



  1. I love quilts though I'm slow at actually quilting fabric. The paper one here is a great intro into quilting for children and adults.

  2. Kennady did this project several years ago at a co-op art class. She loved Faith Ringgold after that, and the picture story books that told the stories behind a couple of her works. Your kids did a great job!


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