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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictures are Words Spoken

Spoken Words with just one click...

The beauty and blessing of my children encompasses my
heart. Just one year more they grow like a vine twisting and
turning toward their future. Entwining family with each breath.

January 2013

Wintery days, snuggles under blankets, hot chocolate , sleds
swooping down the hill, hands held on ice, coloring with
flashlights, grams puzzles,  fuzzy socks
warm mittens and the vine grows...

February 2013

Little hearts , dinosaur museums, silly moments , grandparents
love, heart shaped cards, digging for hours, books from the library,
tattered and torn. Rides and giggles all for my little ones.  Love.

March 2013
Family traditions, cookies, tulips, daffodils and daisy's, Egg hunts,
crosses , and lives white and clean.

April 2013
Dirt, seeds, green things growing, dirty hands , and sinks need
soaking, listening to music lifting voices high, thriving in the tribe.

May 2013
Hikes, walking, talking , playing , swinging high to the sky, air
warming, activity jumping to the times. Filtered with laughter
and long days of chatter. Kindred spirits know.

June 2013
Courage , discovery, new things uncovered, sun kissing the heads
of my ones.  Tattered corners of books, toes in the grasses. Passing
the system as learning spreads.


July 2013

Fireworks, family picnics, sisters,  brothers , Grandsons ,
lawn chairs , sandboxes, bunnies and secrets whispered.
Running and the brood.

August 2013
Summer sun, heat on faces, smells of lotion , and our favorite pool.
Kids on rafts, popsicles on faces, wading in water, relaxing
and breathing in God's graces.

September 2013
New sheds, summer ending, last minute train rides,
the house folk elated, history learned with not more than
the chug and a whistle. Schooling to start ... I hold them closer.

October 2013
Pumpkins, hay rides, carving and treats, Lassos and patches.
The smells of the leaves. The rustle of  our ancestry swells.

November 2013
Giving thanks, dinner at Grandmas, Brotherly love ,
parades and warm feelings, Science connects and relationships
stand strong. This is our family vine.

December 2013
Colder days, warmer feelings, Little angels, twinkling lights
and tiny babies. Gifts unwrapped and words spoken in just
one CLICK...

This inheritance will be remembered for generations.

Warm Blessings,



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