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Saturday, January 4, 2014

National Trivia Day, Homeschool Style...

Did you know that January 4, 2014 is national Trivia day? Well if
you didn't then you are in for a treat. This is a homeschool moms
dream day. I am already thinking of Math trivia, Science Trivia ,
History Trivia , Art trivia, music trivia, Bible trivia ... Oh my I could
go on and on with this one. A fun excuse to teach my kids something
new. We always find a reason don't we moms and dads?

Well I might subject my kids to some trivia but I thought it might be
fun to see if we knew the answers to some homeschool trivia.

When  did Homeschool Legal Defense Begin?This is quoted from their website...
"It began in 1983 by a handful of family members Mike Farris worked from
his home in Olympia, Washington, and Mike Smith from his law office
in Santa Monica, California. Soon, Farris was hired to head up
the legal department for Concerned Women for America in
Washington, D.C. He moved his family east, and the HSLDA office
relocated to Fort Worth, Texas" You can read more on the HSLDA.

What was the First TV Show to Air a Homeschool Family?

The first family incidentally was the Addams Family. In the
original episode that aired on Sept. 18.1964 a truant officer arrives at the
Addams family house to investigate why Wednesday and Pugsley have
never been to school . You can watch the episode below...
It's a wonder homeschoolers have been perceived as odd. (Ha ha. )

What American Landmark is representative of  four famous
homeschooled Presidents?

Mount Rushmore is a tribute to four Presidents- George Washington,
Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. These
men were great Presidents but they had no formal Schooling. They all
learned at home and guided their own learning .  As side
trivia there were 14 Presidents in all that were educated at Home.

What is the name of the a popular Homeschool comedian?

You might be a homeschooler if you said Tim Hawkins. He is a
Christian comedian, songwriter and parody singer. You can find
some of his stuff on You tube.  He always make me smile.

What is the name of a homeschool dad who runs a ministry for
dads and shares laughter with his cartoons? Which most of us
homeschoolers can relate to well.

Todd Wilson from Family Man Ministries.  Todd is a writer , Pastor,
and father to homeschooled children. Todd's Humor has made him
popular at homeschool conventions.

Which way is the correct way to spell Homeschool , Home School,
Or Home- School?

Homeschool and Home School are both recognized in English
dictionaries. You can read more about this one at Grammarphobia

What is the greatest Christian based Homeschool magazine
around? And this is not formally tested trivia this is in my Opinion.
I wouldn't be biased at all but if you look around my site you might
be able to guess? (insert cheeky smile here. )

My very very favorite homeschool magazine is
The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  and I'm not just saying it ...
being a part of the School House Review Crew either. (wink)

What is the "S" Word that Homeschoolers don't like to
say out loud to often.... ?

Oh yes more homeschoolers get questions about Socialization than
any other question when debating homeschooling. In reality homeschoolers
Are very socially apt.  I'd make the long list for you but I don't care for
the "S" word much . Its not something I think about often or even
worry about for more than.... well never.

What form of education has been reported as growing 7 times
faster than public school enrollment?

You guessed it Homeschooling. If your not a homeschooler
you might be surprised to know that homeschoolers typically
achieve higher on standardized tests. This article is a good read
If you would like to learn more

Well that was fun... If you have some Homeschool trivia you'd like
to share with me leave it in the comments.

Warm Blessings,



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