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Monday, January 13, 2014

I Choose Me ! 10 Healthy Links.

This year I am on a personal journey to become healthy. I have struggled
with weight issues my whole life . There were times when my weight
wasn't an issue but I felt inside like it was. My inside feelings weren't
matching my outside appearance and then one day it did. Over the years
I have been a yo yo dieter . I eat with  my emotions. The journey has taught
me a lot about myself but it wasn't until this year in my 40's that I realize
that wow... I want a better life for me. I felt so warn down and I really
thought it was my age. I even was taking naps. Was it my age or was it
what I ate. A friend of mine sent me to a facebook group . She knew this
was something I wanted to work on. The atmosphere in this group had
me . I was seeing people doing it. Reaching their goals and learning how
together. I sat and watched for a few days, weeks even. It finally began to
click. The group goes by the plan written by Maria King and for me it is
working. The program itself is called No Excuses That is just where I am
NO More Excuses. I have a long way to go but I have lost 40lbs to date.
I feel so much better and I have energy I didn't have before. I no longer
take naps and I'm getting things done around my house. I even noticed
a difference in my hair. I really thought my hair was so blah because of
my age but I realize it was what I was putting in my body. The food
I put into my mouth matters. More on that in a bit. So let me share
with you these two things to start....

1. No Excuse Mom's Facebook Group - There are over 8,000 members
on this group so expect a lot of  posting but it is good posting. Members
share before and after photos, they share recipes and exercise plans.
It can be very motivating if you are a avid facebook user to come on and
see all that everyone is doing. It has helped to keep me focused . With in
that group the moderators have worked to divide us into individual groups
with a mentor. This way we are in a smaller group that will help us to get
to our goals. I really love my group. They are doing a new round of sorting
soon so if you jump in the group watch for it.

2. Maria King's No Excuses- Now once you are in a small group or
even if you are not you can begin reading Marias book online for free.
I am still on Chapter 1 with much to do to start. For chapter one I have
 a list of homework to do of about 10 items. The nice thing is that you
can do this all on your own time and as you are ready to progress.

The next thing I needed was a place to put all of my stuff. You know the
emotional stuff, the food and exercise goals. I really didn't want anyone
to see it either. I mean this is a private journey. My private thoughts but
some things are ok for people to see. I also needed to track what food
I am eating and find out how many calories I need to take in to lose weight
and be healthy. One of my biggest issues is that I either don't eat enough
or I eat to much. So I need help figuring that out. The ladies in the
no excuses group sent me to this...

3. My Fitness Pal- In my fitness pal you type in your current weight,
goal weight and height. It then asks you how much weight you want
to lose per week. Then it generates how many calories you should be
eating each week by your current weight and goals. You can create
a journal for yourself, tickers to show your weight loss , and  type in
the food you ate for the day which will in turn keep track of your
calories. I use mine online but there is an app available as well. You
can also create a fitness plan for yourself and see how many calories
you will burn. This is such a helpful tool. Something that would take
so long to calculate is done by simply typing it all in.

Now the next thing on my list was working to create my diet.
I learned all about Clean eating. I started out by reading this book
because to be honest my biggest issue is that I don't know how to cook.
I am so used to cooking fried food and adding tons of butter that I just
didn't know how to do something different. This really helped me figure it
all out.

4. The 20 Minute guide to Clean Eating. At the time it was free on kindle
but right now it is $2.99.  It really is a 20 minute guide. I read it in one
sitting. You learn all about the foods that you can choose to eat , choosing
grass fed meats, organic veggies, and fruits. If you aren't sure if something
is clean to eat. Check the label. If it has more than 3 ingredients than it's not
clean eating. You will also avoid foods high in sugar.

Now I admit that I don't adhere probably as strictly as most people.
Sometimes I do have a treat here and there but then I get back to my
new way of eating. It is really becoming second nature. The longer I work
at it. What I usually hear from people is that they would get bored
eating that way. In reality there are tons of recipes out there. These
are some of my favorite sites for finding Clean eating recipes...

5. Undressed Skeleton - Really if you go over and look through
Her recipes you will be shocked. I was so surprised at the normal
foods there that I would actually like to eat. I have tried several of
them and can hardly believe they are good for me.  Her index of
breakfasts intrigue me. I never know what to make for breakfast. It
feels like the same old same old but I just love these ideas. Now I
can have variety.

6. Skinny Taste - The other place I like to find recipes is the
blog Skinny Taste. So far I have tried the Garlic Broccoli and
I have this one on the menu for this week Cauliflower Tots.
Honestly the Garlic Broccoli was such a hit my family actually
told me not to make it the other way anymore that when I make it
For me I should make it for them too. You see. they did not want to
be on this food journey with me so I went it alone . As time has gone on
I have been able to implement foods that they are finding they like
into their diet. So slowly they are coming aboard.

7. The Gracious Pantry- You also will want to search through the
recipes of the Gracious pantry. I have not had a chance to dig to deep
in there. I like what I see but I'm working slowly through the other
recipes to see which things I might like but didn't want to leave this one
out in my sharing because there are some really good recipes here.

8. Clean Eating Pinterest Page- I was so excited about all the recipes
I was finding so I went and created my own Clean eating Pinterest page
so that I would be able to find the recipes I love. You can follow along
with me and if you have a clean eating board let me know I'd love to
follow you.

Now once I found all these recipes I had to find a way to
make menus that would work best for me. That was hard because
my family is still sort of eating what they want to eat. They come to
my side but then go to the other . I really needed a way to help myself
combine things when I could . Never mind creating the grocery plan
it was so confusing to me. Until...

9. Plan To Eat- Right now Plan to Eat has a 30 day free trail membership.
After that time It is $4.95 per month or $39. for the year. Plan to eat
helps you make menu planning easier. Just like my pinterest there is a
button you can add on your browers so that all you do is click it to add
a recipe from a website. So if I find something I like I click the button
and it adds the recipes. Now sometimes it can't read everything on the
page and asks you to insert some of the recipe by hand but it is very
easy to figure out. Once your recipes are added you can begin making
your menu plan. The calendar appears and you just move the recipe to the
day on your calendar. If you want to add something that doesn't need
a recipe you can just type it in. When you are done you can click to
create a shopping list and Plan to Eat will organize a grocery list
for you by isle at your favorite grocery store!! Is that awesome or what.
I am in love. It has been a time saver.

Now after figuring all that out I was at a point where I was ready
to exercise . We are working on creating a small in home gym but
I'm one that needs a challenge. I'm not good at just going out and
exercising every day. So I found this...

10. Challenge Loop- It's called the challenge loop. On the challenge
loop people set up challenges for you to try and you can actually win
prizes for your work.  You might be challenged to run a mile a day
or do a 15 minute video , or do Yoga every day. Whatever the challenge
is . It is a great motivator and I have the accountability I was looking for.

Now I know this is a lot. I learned a lot in just a few weeks.
Just take one thing at a time one change at a time. Way before
I even did the No excuses. I was working on portion control
and drinking lost of water. You have to start somewhere but the
thing is you just need to start.

Warm Blessings,



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