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Friday, January 24, 2014

Homeshooling Essentials- Free Resources

Let's just be forthright here. When you home educate most of the
time that means that you are on one income. Now I know there are
some out there that do both. They school and they work maybe part
time or have an at home business. For many of us though educating at
home means one income. Your time as their teacher is spent working
on your children's morals , values, and education. Now I work a part time
job in children's ministry and sometimes part time at the local elementary
school as before after care coordinator but mostly I enjoy those and they
don't pay all that great that we have an abundance of wealth coming in.

For us the Biggest Resource we could have is our computer (laptop)
and our printer. Without it I wouldn't be able to produce all the
great activities to my children that I do. So for our last day of
Homeschooling Essentials I'd like to share some of my favorite free
resources with you. Before I do if you missed it you might want to
stop and read the other four posts about what I feel is essential to
home educate...

Family Focus- Sharing a brief look at why we school at Home.
The Good Book- The importance of each on of my children holding
and having Gods word at their finger tips.
Promote Free Thinking- Allowing our children to be thinkers. Not just
doers or followers but to use their minds to find what is right for them.
Make a Plan- Being organized and creating a plan you can be accountable
for your child's education.

So let's Get Started... My favorite Free
Home Education Resources

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool
- Right here you will
find all you need to home educate. This is the full curriculum
for Grades Prek - Highschool.

Ambleside Online- Another complete curriculum using the Charlotte
Mason style of learning.

Khan Academy-  Your child starts out taking a pretest and then the
system adapts to your child's learning style. Teaching with videos
and other resources. (We use this one in Alg. all the time)

Home School Share- offers a wide variety of lessons and activities
for all ages of children. I like to do many of the lapbooks available
through homeschool share. I also like that it matches to friar.

Homeschool Radio Shows- My kids love Cinnamon bear. We listened to
this one many years ago and it's still a holiday favorite. Homeschool
radio show offers free resources from time to time. You can also purchase
many of their radio shows. Great listening skills.

Free Homeschool Deals- This is one of my very favorites. Each day you
will receive a message with new free resource around the blogs and
the internet including free kindle books .

Homeschool Creations- Jolanthe is a blogger but she has some amazing
resources on her website for Early Elementary and Pre K. There is also
a geography resource as well as many other free printables.

Donna Young- Mom's need to be organized and Donna Young offers
the tools to do just that. There are other printables available for your
child as the work through their studies.

Hippo Campus- offers many free resources for educating those upper
level grades. High school and college courses.

Currclick- Offers one free resource a week and seasonal freebies.

Old Fashioned Education- offers a variety of lessons, activities and free
books for our school

Lapbook Lessons- Valerie offers a variety of free lapbook resources.
If you sift around her site there are other goodies to be found.

1plus1plus1equals1- offers a variety of resources for the Toddler
to early Elementary. Some really fun printables. We have used
several of her resources.

Hands of a Child- offers one free lapbook about once a month.

Wholesome Childhood- offers one freebie per day but you better be
on your toes because the next day the resource is no longer free.
HS Printables- is just what it says. Free printables resources for
your every day use.

Pinterest- tons of freebies on pinterest but you might want to
check out this page of free printable resources. And of course
my Pin Page.

These are just a few. There are tons of resources out there...
These free resources are essential for our School.

Warm Blessings


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