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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Homeschooling Essentials - The Good Book

Yesterday I talked to you a little about Family. Family being
the main focus of our school. Over time I learned and I did different.
My eyes were set on my children's future. It was set on the
moral and ethical standards. It was set on their knowledge
of the truth . It was set on learning in a world where ideas are
often stopped and stomped on. My eyes were opened and I
now knew and did better as their mother and teacher. It is so
stupendous when God works like that in our lives. When he helps
us to really see what is around us challenging us to live in the
here and now for his Good.

My eyes were lifted and I looked to God for guidance. Right then
I knew what our focus would be in our school. I really always knew
because He (God ) should be the center of our lives. Sometimes
we forgot. We get busy with day to day. I didn't want to get so busy
that I lost the essence of what is real. Rushing my kids here to there
was not an answer I wanted. My focus was on them which later I put
words to and realized God had given me my ministry. I could look
all over but in reality it was right here with me. It was these precious
gifts that God had granted me for just a little while.

How? .... How then could I teach God's word? He would give
me the knowledge. He gave it to ALL of us so there is no excuse .
When I need Him  the most the words just come to mind.
He gives me that Guide. My Guidance is the "Good Book"
My BIBLE. The truth is in it's words. The laws and moral standing
 I need are right there. The guide to minister to my family and
the path to live. It's all written down for me and for you .

It would be really sad If I didn't give those words to my family
but I wanted them to understand on their level. I wanted them
to hold the book and love it like I do. And so a friend of mine and
I searched for bibles for our children and for our church. We came
up with these....

For my 4 year old I found the Read to Learn Bible .
Illustrated in picture and gentle in its spirit. The
faces of the characters represent a peace. I also choose
this bible because we were going to work through the
It has been the perfect fit for her. She is ready to sit for
 stories and hear more than a few words. She was ready for
more than a sentence at the bottom of the page. This has
been the best book for her and she loves it. She carries it
around the house and we read together often.

for my 7 year old. He is at the active and ready to read age.
At this age I wanted him to be able to read God's word himself.
I wanted something he could relate to and be able to cherish.
This bible includes hands on activities, Basic facts, information on
the tricky words, games, maps and a scavenger hunt. Just perfect for
my all boy 2nd grader.

For my 7th grader and 11th grader we choose the Deep Blue Bible.
This book is recommended for 7th-12 graders.
God's word in plain English. You will find trivia, devotionals
and other interactive components.

For Mom and an additional for my 11th grader. I got the
Life Application Study Bible . I got one for my 11th grader
as well because it is imperative that she dig deeper into God's
word. For me because it will help  me always have the answer
when asked a question by my inquisitive children. A dear friend
gifted this to me after the birth of my last child. It is my favorite
bible so far.

Each of my children has their own story of Love. Their own
book to hold  , highlight and read. What they will find in these
pages is far greater than any other gift I could ever give them.
This is education that will be with them always.

I really feel this is so important for them to each have their
own bible. God's word right in their hands.

This "Good Book" is Essential for our Home Education.
Warm Blessings,


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  1. Indeed the good book IS essential for homeschoolers . Thanks for doing this post. :)


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