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Monday, January 20, 2014

Homeschool Essentials - Family Focus


Many years ago I had a little girl and that little girl was my
world. Her daddy left us when she was little but it didn't change
my feelings of wanting to encompass her with complete love.
A love and dedication so strong that she would know she could
rely on me always. I wanted to be here for her in the here and the
now. I knew time was fleeting. Now this little girl and I worked
hard to take care of ourselves. I worked in a childcare center where
she attended because I couldn't bare leaving her there alone to
handle the day to day without me. On my lunch breaks I'd sneak her
off her sleepy time mat and take her for lunch in the local market.
God was our center and we happily managed our days.

Then one day a man walked into our lives and my resolve to
be my daughter's steadfast stayed. In time she came of age to
begin kindergarten. I didn't  know then what I know now.
I dressed her up and sent her to school with a broken heart.
I had to work double hard to teach her to read and write because
she wasn't with me all day. I had to work double hard to keep her
from the world and from falling into trouble. Keeping her home was
in my heart but her dad had a say too... So I just kept working harder.
She attended public school the entire way with honors but it was a hard
road. It was one traveled with some regrets and some joys.

Now her sister would come along one day with a different course.
She was a little more difficult to handle. She was a tad more demanding.
My little girls and I worked together to spend that time together. When
Kindergarten rolled around again this time for my child who seemed
to be struggling I hesitated but what was I to do.  I wish I knew what
I know now. I sent her to K and to 1st grade and the tears well.
My girls were growing up. Each day was became harder for my
2nd little girl. No more or no less than the first. She struggled to
fit in and to read. It was a frightening time for her . She cried and
needed me. I just couldn't let her down . So I talked with her daddy
and we decided that bringing her home was the answer.

Now it was pretty scary I'm not going to lie . I wasn't sure I could do
what was right for my child going in second who wasn't reading,
who wasn't writing  and  who wasn't solving math. What could I
possibly do because frankly I was only her mom. And then it hit me...
I WAS HER MOM. I could teach her . I could do this. We worked
hard and it wasn't easy but over time she could read, write well and
figure in math. Did I mention we are doing Alg. 2 this year.

As time went we added to our family . Some rough and tough little boys .
Little boys who are growing into men . Keeping them home just felt
natural now. A way of life. We eat together. We play together and we
learn together. Now some don't understand. They just don't think what
I am doing with my family is right but how could loving them and caring
so much be wrong. They are only here 18 years in my home. 18 years
to show them the love that I mimic that the Lord gave to me.

18-19 years seems like a long time but I promise you time is fleeting.
I blinked and in 2015 my oldest will graduate college and is getting married.
My daughter I brought Home is graduating high school . My son is turning
14 ...15 in 2015. My little guy is reading and solving math like a pro and my
little girl begins the journey all over again. We get to see this through and
walk in the Lords path. One day when I'm old and gray I'll have no regrets.
I will have that time and hold it and when I am gone they will hold it
close too and pass that love to their children.

Family is all that matters. You will figure out the books and the plans.
You will learn the homeschool lingo. Those moments those kids. They are
what is Essential to any homeschool plan.

Warm  Blessings,


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