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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Faithful Agenda

My faithful agenda. I stick to it pretty closely all year long.
I have a weekly planner that shows you a week at a glance. I love
this planner for one reason. When I open it I can see the entire week
and under each day is a wide open space for me to do my favorite thing....
write lists. I write them each day. My goals what I want to accomplish
and what I want to remember. I check it often and mark it off as the day
goes. Sometimes the entire list is marked for that day and I feel accomplished.
Other times I have to add something to my next day list . There are even
times when I decide that one thing isn't so important anymore and so
I just scratch it off not to be thought of again. This system works for
me. It helps me to put my thoughts together. It helps me at night when
I go to sleep to be able to shut my brain off and do that just sleep.
I can let it all for the next day or the next week or schedule it when
it works best for me.

Anyway last year I created a list of Goals for 2013. Some were
completely forgotten . Some I decided I didn't need and some
I completed and scratched off my list. If you want to read that
post you can read My goals for 2013 or take a peek below.

1. Learn to eat and prepare Healthy foods. (Still in progress)
2. Try at least two new recipes per month. (forgotten)
3. Exercise one Hour per day ( to lofty of a goal but progressing)
4. Bible Study with Good morning girls (complete)5. Memorize 100 bible verse (lofty goal but memorized some)
6. 1 Year bible plan (read several chapters but didn't stick to the plan)
7. Declutter the house room by room (complete and working on)
8.Create a Christmas Binder
9. Potty Train Sweet Pea
10. Good behavior rewards
11. encourage creativity In Superboy
12. Lead my children to career path
Not bad 8 out of 12 and the others are progressing I just
under estimated the time frame on those. The funny thing is
as the year has progressed I have noticed that my goals have changed.
Let's take a look at my list for this year.

1. Work on my diet more this year. I lost 30 lbs in 2013 but
I want to do better this year. I am looking at the No Excuse program.
This is going to be one of my top priorities.

2. Exercise more- Last  year we joined the pool and walked at the parks
but this year we are working on an at home gym. I have no excuse now
on those rainy days.

3. Take cooking classes- I found two cooking classes that interest me.
I may take both of them but at least want to grab one. I need some help
on how to change how I cook for my family. I also joined Plan to Eat.
It's an online menu plan system. I'm thinking I am a list person and
usually stick to a list so if I have it planned I'll be more likely to do it.

4.  Work on managing my time so that I am not online as long and
spending more time with my family.

5. Mission work- This year I'd like to plan some family projects.
it's the year to give.

6. Do one of these three projects Clean up the yard, clean up my
daughters room and remodel it or clean and organize the attic.
I'm not going to get to lofty this year so I will say just one of these.

7. Visit my grandma more often. I know she is lonely and I need
to just put it on the calendar and make more time for her.

8. Work on Creating some crafts for our church bazaar. Every year I
say I will and every year I don't get to it. This is going to be the
year that I get to it. I'm making it a priority for my church family.

And as always God is my first priority . I will continue reading my
bible to reach my reading goal, Memorizing my bible verses and
studying with Good Morning Girls.

Do you make goals for yourself each year??

If you do what are yours?

Warm Blessings


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