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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Understanding is to Achieve Anything

Understanding is to Achieve. Achievement of anything requires
the knowledge , faith, and belief in yourself to reach for your
aspirations. Success is not defined by perfection. It is defined by
what you can accomplish to the best of your ability and mentality.

Achievement is accomplishing something to the end. Seeing it
through to an end result. Where ever the desired end might lead you.

New years is typically the time we think about New beginnings and
a New life but this year I look upon the life of a very sweet lady.
I am faced with mortality and really will  look at my life. What will
people think of me one day. What will they say when I am gone?
They could say I am artistic and creative but would that be enough.
Could they find more essence in that.... In reality the thoughts of
the people don't matter as much as my Lord and Savior and yet
I think there is something to be said about opinions.
My great aunt recently passed on and at her services a man stood
up to speak. He mentioned his name and that he worked at the
hospital my aunt was taken to on occasion while her health was
deteriorating. While she was there he noticed the little animal
creations around her room. Upon inspection of these critters he
asked about them and my aunt responded that her hands had made
these creations. She had created many thousands before this
moment.  He mentioned to her that his daughter collects
dolphins and could she make one for her. He was willing to pay.
My great aunt agreed but was soon released and did not see the man
for sometime. Fast forward several months and the man is helping
with beds. As he approaches a bed the women says I know you...
your the man from before. She asks her daughter for her bag and
hands him his dolphin. She had not forgotten even in her health.
She had not forgotten because this was her joy. This measuring
of hands was her life. This was a special gift God had blessed her
with and her achievement within it was the love she passed through
this gift. That was the last time she would be in that hospital .The
strength and belief in herself and her ability is what lead me to
my word for 2014.

I want to achieve something great. Not something perfect or full
of riches but something that is seen through to the end for the sake
of being good, for the sake of sharing in love. The quiet patient
hearts of my grandfathers family lives strong in me. I feel the root
of our family and want to share that quiet peace with my family.
Passing it on for generations to come the love and light of Jesus.

January- Healthy Lifestyle- I want to regain a healthy and
active lifestyle. Let's face it I'm not getting any younger and
polluting my body with all these toxins isn't really productive.
If I want to achieve God's work I need to take care of his vessel.
In 2013 I lost 30lbs and made several changes in the way we eat.
I want to continue making these small changes and make an even
 bigger leap of faith toward a healthy life. I know I can Achieve 
my new goals and see it through to the end. One step at a time.
I have found a great online program and classes on cooking at our
local hospital. These are all attainable. We have also begun creating
a workout room in our summer house. I can't wait till it's finished and
we can begin getting healthy.  

February - To See- Open my eyes to what is going on around
me. Give my full attention to those loved ones who are right
beside me. The electronic age has us all focused on our devices.
At my aunts funeral I had to tell my own child to put her I pod
away. These things are taking control of our lives and wasting so
much of our time. I want to achieve really seeing and being with
my family. I enjoy writing on my blog and chatting with friends
but there should be a time for both. Managing my time so that
the people in it come first is of utmost importance. One day
when its my time I don't want people saying what was great
about Nikki and they say well she was a great chat online.
That is not really what I had in mind. However I do think online
social media has it's place and there is much you can accomplish
there. There needs to be a balance of real time and online time.

March- Understanding- I want to achieve God's gifts. The ones he gave
me. The things I see and don't see. For the most part  I realize what
they are but do I fulfill what he has asked of me? There are things I
hear . That little voice telling me this is what you should do but I don't
always accomplish those things. I'm 41 now and life has surely passed by so
quickly already. The question is am I achieving what God wants from me?
Something I will continue to work on is seeking his work in wisdom and action.

April- Grow- Do you remember all those  crazy dreams you had as
a kid. Some were so far fetched and weren't reliably attainable. Maybe
a few of them were but for the most part as children we don't really know
who we are yet. We haven't lived our lives. We haven't experienced and felt.
I know I mentioned this before and I swear I'm not hung up on it but my age
does make a difference. What I wanted then and what I want now are so
different. I can't be wasting time spinning on a tread mill. Things have to
move forward or I might miss something great. I'm ready to grow through
my 40's and learn something new about me and create achievable goals
that can be checked off before I end up old and gray. Shhh I'm already gray
just a little bit but I still have energy left to reach my dreams.

May- Dig in-  I see the world and I see what is happening in it.
It's time for me to get out and dig in. I ask myself how can I help?
What can I do to make a difference? I used to be extremely shy. That
is long gone. I'm no longer afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.
I'm ready to achieve success in teaching this to my children too. People
first. I am considering ways to create mission for my children. The
gift of giving... We can achieve this...

June- Live-  No running from here to there. Sit with God and breathe
in . Take time away from those electronics and just breath in the earth.
Soak our feet in the streams and rub our hands through the sand. Watch
the birds fly and just live.  This is something easy to achieve. Breathe in
life breath out wasted time.

July- Organize - I should have added DE clutter to that list. Somehow
I have so much stuff. I don't know where it all came from. We used
to really live simply and some how since we moved to a bigger home
the stuff got bigger. In 2013 I threw out/ donated a lot of stuff but I still
have some areas of cleaning that need done. Achievable projects for 2014
my daughters bedroom (remodel ), the attic, major yard clean up. If I get one
of those three completed I'll be excited.

August- Reach Out- One thing I have realized with my great aunts
passing is that I haven't seen her in quite sometime but she was always
there. I was so busy with myself that I "didn't have time" to go see her.
I think of other family that I am missing out on spending time with and
my heart aches. No more I say. I can achieve visiting at least
once per month to start and then I'll bump it to two times per month.
My 80 year old grandma will appreciate it.

September- Strength-  All of these things I write about are things I can
do. They are things I am doing and working toward already. Most
people don't write them out they just unconsciously do them but since
I blog I write. They aren't resolutions they are things I want for me.
As I work toward being a more productive me I need strength not to fall
back into the old patterns. I want that achievement of growing and gaining
faith. Strength is keeping on top of it. It's knowing when to lean on God .
Knowing when to ask for help. When to breath in the earth and sit.

October- Give Thanks- I probably should have put this one
over Thanksgiving but why not give thanks all year long. In
Achieving I don't want to fall into a Me mentality. God is
first and foremost. I give all the credit to Him. A friend over
Christmas gave me Ann Voskamps book One thousand gifts.
I can hardly wait to read it. For all I achieve I give Thanks to
Jesus. He is my All and First. 

November- Create-  I really need art in my life and being a busy
mom of 5 sometimes that gets put to the side. I'd really like to use
my art this year to create some things for our church. I have projects
in mind and can't wait to get started with them. I want to create
pen and ink drawings for Christmas for our church bazaar along with
some other ideas I have. I'll show you as soon as I get started.
I know I can achieve this for my church family as an equitable gift.

December- Believe - Lastly I want to achieve believing. I fully
believe in my Lord and Savior but now I need to believe in myself
because quite honestly God already does and if I do all those things.
I can achieve what I want for my life with God and my family is
the center focus.

If you come back January 2 I will share some of my specific goals
for the year and take a look back at 2013.

If you would like to read more Words for 2014 from
the Schoolhouse Review Crew click the graphic below.
The link will be live a 8am Eastern time on January 1st.

Warm Blessings,


Word for 2014


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