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Monday, December 23, 2013

Simple Last Minute Christmas Tree Craft

How excited are your kids about Christmas!!! So excited here.
It's hard to keep them busy they are a bustle of happiness.

I came up with this craft. It is so easy to do and it keeps them
busy for a little while. You don't need many supplies and they don't
cost that much to make. Another bonus is for the most
part they can do them themselves. Here is what you need...


Christmas trees- I bought these trees at the dollar tree. I noticed
when I was in there the other day that they had a nice stock of them left.


Christmas foam stickers.

This was Sweet Peas second tree she didn't do as much with it as
the first but had to share because of that smile.

The only part your child might need you for is if they would like a
ribbon on the top of the tree. You see the trees are made of wire
and have tinsel all over them. So your ribbon can be thread
through the top of the tree and then tied there. We left the ribbon
long to give it a fancier look.

This one is my favorite. Sweet Pea took some time making it.

All the kids do then is add their stickers to them as desired.
I was afraid glue wouldn't work well and a friend suggested these
glittery foam stickers. They worked perfectly. Spirit still has
some work to do on his here.

Simple and easy to do.

Warm Blessings,



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