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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh It's That day...

Oh That Day .. . The day when nothing goes as you want it to.
Schooling at home is great when all your little ones are agreeable,
when the house is clean, when everyone learns, and when peace reigns.
Umm does that ever happen. I thought. I really really thought that over
Thanksgiving break I would clean the house from top to bottom. That I
would enjoy family, shop and get my life organized. Fill in my planners,
fill up my blog, organize our school . I started out good but then... then
all the excitement of the holiday swooped in. Honestly I think I had lost
my mind with my original thoughts. When am I completely together...?

Then little Sweet pea got sick. She has some type of icky stomach thing
that ends with a stuffy nose and fever. Course we haven't ended yet so I'll
let you know how it really ends. She was stuffy for a week so didn't think
to much of it on Sunday when we went to church... until she vomited there.
I felt like the worse mom. I thought she was doing just fine maybe a little
tired from a cold but other than that I thought we were good. She never
really complained until that moment. Poor thing here I was carting her
around and she never complained. I wish she had. She is doing ok today
but really fussy. You know what it's like when you don't feel good well
just imagine being 4 when life is already frustrating. She cries often
and has gone through an entire box of tissues. She has almost eaten a
tube of chapstick. You know how little ones are with chapstick don't you.
Rub it on. Lick it off. Rub it on . Lick it off. I could go on but you get the
point... Luckily  right now she is sleeping Halleluiah.

Have I ever mentioned to you that we love Duck Dynasty at
our house. Our daddy has a duck beard. He had one way before
the show aired though. The guys he works with tease him a little about
it. He loves it and wears different T-shirts with the face of the beards.
One day while shopping Sweet pea wanted one too. She saw it there so
we got it and she was going to surprise dad in the morning. I must admit
at first it was slightly creepy seeing an old mans face on a little girls shirt,
but the smile in the end was so worth it. She surprised her daddy and we
took a picture just to document it.

Not much happening today. Just a regular school day sort of...
It was That day....

Warm Blessings,



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