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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Art

Welcome  the Virtual Refrigerator. This week I am Sharing a little
Christmas art on my blog. If you have anything to share  can
link at any of the blogs below if you would like to add your weeks art.
Including mine below this post. 


Welcome to today's Christmas Art Project. We decorated our own ornaments
to string and hang along the doorway. I think they are pretty cute.

1. First draw your shape for your ornament. I traced a ice cream tub for
the circles and drew the shape my son wanted below. Then we cut two
pieces for one ornament.

2. Next draw and decorate your top circle as desired.  You can add
stickers, sequins and glitter.

3. Once they are dry staple the two papers together around the bottom
of the  shape. Leave the top open. Crunch up some paper and stuff the ball
so it's a little puffy. Then staple it the rest of the way around.

4. Now cut a stripe of aluminum foil and form the top of the ornament.
Once you have it to the desired shape. Staple it to the top of the ball.

If you follow my blog then take a guess who made the pink ones.

Don't forget this week to link up your art.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Cute! I like the idea of stuffing them to make them 3D.

  2. Those are cute. I like the bright colors.


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