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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Candy Cane Art

Monday- Wednesday this week the little ones and I are going to do
Christmas Crafts and a story . On Thursday we are singing some holiday
favorites and doing a music lesson. Friday we will be doing our Christmas
Lego Challenge. We are keeping the fun in School. Today I want to share
with you our Monday Activity Candy Cane Art.

The perfect book to go along with our Candy Cane Art is the
book called The Legend of the Candy Cane By Lori Walburg

You might also want to look here at Ben and Me's  site.
She has some links to other Candy Cane resources.

I drew a candy cane ahead of time onto a file folder and cut it out for my
younger children. (Spirit is 7 and Sweet Pea is 4) I was looking for something
simple for us to do. The season is busy enough. If you can't draw well you
can probably type in Candy cane coloring pages and find something you
can cut out. I gave the kids their canes and they traced them onto their
papers. This one directly below is the one I used to show them how to make it.
Spirit was able to work on the overlapping of the project but Sweet pea just
traced them as she saw fit. I was really surprised at how well Sweet Pea traced.
Spirit had more trouble with the canes moving than she did.

When we were done we outlined them with Sharpie and decorated them
as we wanted. Spirit brought a couple of canes in from the tree to see
how they looked. He made a heart in the middle with a little message
for me. "Mom , I love you. "

This one is Sweet Peas. I don't think she did to bad. She didn't like the idea
of making stripes so she colored them in and then decided to add some in the end.

And this is mine. It was rather therapeutic actually. Very relaxing.

When we were done we took a glue stick and added some white glitter.
you can see a few sparkles in the photo. They are more sparkly in
real time. We took them and taped them to our refrigerator.

Warm Blessings,



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