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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Writing Directions

Hi everyone. I took a little weekend break and it's so good to be
back talking to all of you again here on my blog. I needed a little
rest and relaxation before the holidays begin. I don't know why but
I always find them difficult to get through. Perhaps it's the hustle and
bustle of it all. I'm always trying to simplify things and the holiday is
so hard to simplify. It's a work in progress. Anyway today I have a
neat idea that your child could share with a pen pal or friend.

We just recently starting writing to a pen pal. My son enjoys writing
to his new friend. It is away to get writing assignments out of my son
without much fuss at all. In my sons 2nd grade writing journal we have
been working on practicing writing a how to using words such as first,
next, then and last. Some of the writing we used numbered sections for
each step. He has written how to take a bubble bath and this one
how to Make a turkey.

Before he wrote out his directions I figured it would be good to
make one first. So I gathered all of our supplies and we made turkeys.

Don't ya love how my Sweet Pea choose pink again. I cannot get that
girl to choose anything other than pink.

To make our Turkeys we used Craft foam in brown and orange, wiggle eyes,
feathers and glue. I didn't want them to be to complicated since he is writing
directions for them.

Then we began writing our steps. For this one he choose to number them.

Make a Turkey

1. Get some Brown foam.
2. Trace your hand
3. Cut out your hand
4. Glue on eyes on your thumb
5. Glue on the beak under the eyes
6. Glue on legs
7. Glue on feathers.

When we did his Bubble bath writing he put it into steps like this one
and then we put these steps into sentences using first, next, then and last.
That was his final project . We made sure to have correct punctuation and
capital letters. This particular Turkey writing we sent to his pen pal
along with all of the supplies for his friend to make his own turkey.

I love when we can make writing fun.

Warm Blessings,



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