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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Plant Doctor- George Washington Carver

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Hello everyone. I have had this one sitting on my desk for a little
while now and haven't gotten to share it with you. I can hardly believe
that we are in November and Thanksgiving is on it's way. Spirit (age 7)
and I had a great time learning all about George Washington Carver.
We used the book A Weed is a Flower by ALIKI as the basis of our
lesson. This was more of a literature based assignment mixed In with
some Science and History. It went along with the curriculum we are using.

The book A Weed is a Flower takes your child on a journey through
the life of Mr. Carver. It tells a tale of standing out and being different
from others.  He had a love of learning and a love of life,  plant life.
He made big strides for Agriculture. This book is just right for a 2nd
grader. If you would like to take a peek inside you can over on Amazon.

My son wrote his Summary of the Book. Here is what he had to say...

George Washington Carver was born a slave. George wanted to go to
school. He was called the Plant Doctor. He was a Scientist.  He
figured out many uses for peanuts.       By Spirit Age 7

I found all sorts of interesting and fun facts online and put them together
to create a lapbook. Most of the resources are free. A few are from a
subscription site. Details to come.

This is the cover of our lapbook. We decided to try to create our own
paper Washington Carver. I wish I could say I thought up the design
myself but found it from Intergrated Technology. It was pretty easy for
my son to copy the idea by just looking at the other Carver's from this
class project. My son is a little excess on glue you can sort of see it
bleeding through the paper. I'm working on that with him. Little dabs.

This portion of the book came from a website I am a subscriber.
The price is right at $23.95 per year. Basically what you would
pay for a magazine subscription. This is one of my very favorite
websites. I have been a subscriber for at least 5 years now.  I used
the printouts from the site and put them in our lapbook. Spirit
wrote all that Mr. Carver is on the cut out peanuts with some help.
You can find the Print outs at the link provided along with many
other crafts and ideas at Daniellesplace.

Many of the resources you see above came from another blogger who
also made a peanut lapbook. Some of the resources I used and some I didn't.
The Blog is called Nurture Creek. From her site I used the US Peanut production
map, Peanut farming sheet , and the GWC Flipbook. I'll have you head to her
website to find these resources. The flip book is awesome for a beginner reader.
Below is a page from the book. Your child can read the beginner reader and
add their flip pages. Spirit really enjoyed creating the book .

This is also a picture of the map from the resource above. Spirit colored
the places that grow peanuts one color and the ones that don't are in red. 

Once we learned all about the farming of the peanut we then
learned more about the plant itself. Spirit was surprised the peanuts
grew in the ground. I found this label parts sheet with in a
George Washington Carver Coloring book

We made out own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from paper
and wrote out all of our favorite uses for peanuts. Sorry it's a
little blurry. Spirit picked these... PBJ Sandwich, Peanut m&m's
Peanut butter pancakes, peanut butter milkshakes, Peanut butter pie,
Peanut butter ice cream, trail mix, on salads and peanut brittle. 

We also added for fun Professor Carver's Virtues and had
a little fun nut tasting. All we did for nut tasting was cut some
white paper in half and staple the book. I bought an assorted nut
bag. Spirit drew a picture of the nut before and after it was cracked
open. He used words to describe the texture of each before and after.

Here is Spirit about to taste an Almond. He has an advantage with those
because mommy eats them all the time. 

Here is an example of one of his tasting pages. You cans see he drew
the peanut shell and then the peanut. He wrote the words soft, tan , good,
peanut and salty. This was one he liked. 

Superboy jumped in when we tried to play a game of jacks but
with peanuts. Spirit had trouble catching and grabbing. Great
coordination activity. 

It was a fun lesson and we had a good time learning all about Nuts.
I also found these fun resources but we didn't get to those. I thought
I'd share them anyway...

Nutty about Peanut Unit Study- I liked the compound word peanuts
We may still do those one day .

KoKoKoKids- Shares a picture of some creative peanut characters.
Using pods and other fall items. I really think we could have made these.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to link up. :) Teaching history can be awesome - great projects here. :D


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