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Friday, November 1, 2013

Random 5 Halloween Addition

The Pebble Pond

Here is my Friday Random five with The Pebble Pond.

1. Well this has been an interesting week. If you have been following me
you know that we have had plumbing issues, water issues and heating issues.
Happy Happy news... All of those things are fixed as of today. Finally
 I feel like I can live again. I was waiting and waiting on guys to show
up between the hours of.... You get the idea.  Today was my last day of wait. 

2. My kids do trick or treat. This year we went twice. Once to our
old home town and the Second time was at a car show . We did
trunk or Treat. Spirit loved this motorcycle. (It's a Harley) 

And Princess liked this car. It was really cold trunk or treat night
but on Halloween we didn't need jackets. The weather is so odd. 

3. Another thing we did was go to a fall fest at a local church.
There were games, food and a few rides all for free. I love the idea
of this type of outreach. Superboy won free yogurt from a local
business as a door prize. 

4. Before Trick or treating my 13 year old son attempted to jump
of the little kids sliding board and well missed. He fell hard and it left
a pretty nice bruise. While trick or treating he tripped on the curb side and
fell a second time. Later we were at his uncles house and he said Superboy
I should take you hunting sometime. My first thought was he has to stay on
his feet first before I send him out. (wink)

5. Princess is taking her SAT's tomorrow. I am so nervous for her. Being
at home she will know no one. Of course she is perfectly fine with it which
makes mom a little better. Leave it to kids to be so resilient.

Warm blessings,



  1. It rained the whole day on Halloween, but stopped just long enough to trick-or-treat, and was warm enough we didn't need jackets either. It is crazy weather.

    Good luck to Princess on the SAT's!


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