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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Adam and Eve Along with Crafty Apples

Apple season around here has pretty much come to an end. We
have eaten our apple pies and the big juicy apples from the farmers
market are getting smaller again but before we say our final fair
well. My little one and I learned a little about apples. Although
our bibles do not actually tell us what the forbidden fruit might be
we always associate it with Apples.

We read the Story of Adam and Eve in our Preschool Bible.

Then we made this apple craft. I bought yellow paper plates at the
dollar store. I precut strips of paper and then Sweet pea cut them into
little squares . Her favorite cutting activity lately. I find little scraps all
over the house. We cut stems for our apples and I helped her cut a leaf.
Then she got out her favorite too... School glue and glued her apples
together. We also used some red glitter to make our apples more enticing.

Hint with Glitter- I have a glitter tray in our house. We only use it for glitter.
We lay our item to be glittered on the pan and then pinch little bits onto the
item. Then when we are done I can either empty the excess glitter back
into the bottle or send it to the trash depending on how messy has gotten.

(This old bench in the picture was mom parents. We have had this since
I was a little girl. Now its in my dining room where the kids craft. )

Next we made an Adam and Even Scene using a coloring page of
Adam and eve as the apple core. Notice Sweet Pea added some Apple
seeds by eve. I saw this along with an elementary writing assignment
on different kinds of apples and liked the presentation changing it to this...

We also made some little sock puppets so that we could try to
convince Adam and Eve to taste that apple. Boy are those snakes
naughty. Simple but really effective. The little ones really enjoy
this activity. Don't be surprised if you get sneaky snakes talking
to you through the afternoon.

Warm Blessings,



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