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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Coloring Pages Of Thanks

Thanksgiving day is on it's way here in PA. We are hustling and
bustling  around trying to figure out all that we need to get done for the
big family day. On this day we will be heading out to my parents house for
dinner. Along with other members of our extended family. We sit
around a big table and enjoy one another's company. This year we
have plans to play a few games but what about the little ones. I am
sure they will have a great time playing but I thought I'd search around
the web for some coloring pages so that perhaps there will be a little
down/quiet time. (Not holding my breath but there is always hope.)

All the coloring pages I found are not mine. Please go to the original
site to download the content. Thanks

Blue Bonkers has this one of the original Thanksgiving day scene as we
see it in many of our history books and other resources.

I love this one. It almost looks like the little guy is sneaking another
piece of pie on this Thanksgiving coloring page.

Blue Bonkers- Also has these vintage style coloring. I love the feeling of
them. It reminds me of the book BlueBerries

The photo above and the one below come from Thanksgiving with Scripture.
There are many more like it on the site. You just have to sign in to download.
I will be using these in our church this weekend too!!

My kids are in love with theWhat's in the Bible videos . They offer this
free coloring page as well.

This one comes from June Daley's blog. There are so many goodies on
her site that I booked marked her too. There are other thankful poster to
draw on and treats to make. 

This patterns in this turkey are so great. I am sure the preschooler
will enjoy filling this one in.

I love these pages by Karla Dornacher. She hand drew this coloring page
and that's what I like most about it. It has personality. Plus I love the bible
verse. Attached to the coloring.

Here is another Turkey Day coloring by Karla Dornacher. I love her work.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Hi Nikki! I would love to print these for my before and after school care program, but I don't know what the original websites are for these pages. Could you post these please? Thanks! -Kathryn

  2. Hi Kathryn. The links are there. My blog had a make over the links were almost hidden. I highlighted them in red for you to locate easier. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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