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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Science Fun...

I just love doing Science. I know that there are some who don't enjoy
it because of the time and mess factor. For me this is the hands on that I
love most about being at home. We can take our time and explore in depth
what we are doing. If along the way we question something else we have the
time and the ability to try it out. Have I mentioned how much I love that.

We have been doing a few different Science activities since the beginning
of the school year. So I thought I'd let you take a peek at some of them.

This one below was a lesson done with my 7 year old. He was learning how to
use the tools of Science such as a thermometer, balance, spring scale, ruler and
for his experiment a granulated Cylinder. He used three different kids of kool
aid to make his Super Juice. His job was to measure out the ingredients as
directed and then taste test his creation. Say 50 ML of red, 25 ML of orange
and 10ML of purple. Now he loved this so much that he wanted to create his
own Super Juice . I told him he could of course but he had to write down
his measurements for each creation . He made some for all of his siblings
and of course I needed Super Juice as well. ( note it does make a mess and
the older kids wanted to try too) * Hint use a funnel for putting drinks in cylinder.

If you have been following you might remember the Butterfly Project.
We have been doing more reading about butterflies and one day had this
fun snack. Sociables for butterflies, tootsie rolls for chrysalis , mini
marshmallows for eggs and banana peanut butter and a grape for a

My oldest son is working on some Biology this year and he tried an experiment
to see how long it would take bread to mold and in different elements. We used
the Scientific Method as our basis of understanding. He put one piece of bread
in each baggie and labeled them SUN, COLD and DARK. A little water was
added to the baggie to create the right environment for molding. The sun
bags were taped to the kitchen window, the cold was placed in the freezer
and dark was place in the basement hall closet. Superboy thought that the
basement bread would mold first and he guessed about two weeks.

He ended up being just about right. The bread took a little longer
to start molding because of the preservatives in the food. It took about
3 weeks instead of two. I imagine if he had used homemade baked bread
it would have molded faster. Perhaps that will be our next experiment.

Are you doing any fun Science? We would love to hear from you?

Warm Blessings,



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