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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Refrigertor Art -Pumpkin carving

Welcome to another post on the Virtual Refrigerator. You can
link at any of the blogs below if you would like to add your weeks art.
Including mine below this post. 

Happy Halloween !!!

Wow what a week we are having here at Angels of Heart.
Did you ever hear the saying that things happen in threes...?
Well we are having plumbing issues that won't be fixed until Tuesday,
then my oldest daughters heater went out , and now tomorrow the water
guy is coming to put a new bulb in. I hope that is it now for our family.

You know I never really thought of pumpkin carving as an art but
it really is an art. It can be rather challenging sometimes to get the desired
look.  I allowed each of my children to pick their own pumpkin for
carving. We used a pumpkin carver kit to help with safety for the younger
children. I went around and cut the tops off of everyone's pumpkins.
Some like the icky pumpkin guts and Sweet Pea well she used a spoon.

The kids drew their pumpkin face on or design with a sharpie.

Sweet pea is a little young so I just cut it out for her but the face
she drew is all hers.

 Our pumpkins had really thick walls and it took some time to scrap away
enough to carve. Spirit did a fun vampire face.

I'm not really sure what Superboy was trying for here but he now
calls this his Butler Pumpkin.

Princess is more exact and tried using one of the pumpkin carver patterns.
This has been a tradition at our house for years. You can check out the
Pumpkin Masters Website to see some how to videos and take a peek at
some of the tools we used to carve our pumpkin.

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