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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our weekly Art

Welcome to another post on the Virtual Refrigerator. You can
link at any of the blogs below if you would like to add your weeks art. 

This week we created a fun jungle scene in my 7 year old son's
art lesson. We created different grasses, cut them out, and pasted
them to our page. We only glued the bottom of the grass so that we
could make some jungle animals that would hide behind the leaves.
Then he pasted everything down.

Jungle By Spirit Age 7

This next one was done by my little one and me. She asked me to
draw her a picture like her brothers below so I did. Then we colored it
together. We used pastel crayons. These are a little messy but the color
is so vibrant. I was pleased with how she is beginning to stay in the lines.

Sweet Pea (Age 4)

Next up were some abstract animals. We tried to make our animals
not be realistic although I think Spirit really has trouble with that idea.

Below is his abstract cat... ?


Spirit (age 7)

After he made his cat we turned him into a sculpture using modeling
clay. I put foil down to protect the table from the oils of the clay.

Spirit (Age 7)

It wouldn't be autumn if we didn't do a few fall trees.
I had old trees that are supposed to stand from oriental trading.
they don't stand so well so we glued them to paper and found all the
leave items I had in the drawer and butterflies of course.

Sweet Pea (Age 4)

This is our second attempt at fall trees this one done slightly different.
First we worked on making watercolor backgrounds. Then we cut the
tree shadow from paper and pasted it on. (I cut the trees for little hands)
Then we added sequin leaves.

Sweet Pea (Age 4)

Hope you enjoyed our art this week. Please join in and link up.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Ooooh, I love all their art. What a creative crew you have there!


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