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Friday, October 11, 2013

Music to Games...

Kids love music and its fun to have a plan to address it
with our homeschoolers. Sometimes I don't know about you
but I can get way to serious about school. When I think of
music right away my mind says hmm I wonder if there is a
lapbook or notebooking pages for that. Now that sort of
thing has its place in our learning environment but I'm
talking about introducing music to your kids that they may
not otherwise have gotten a chance to be exposed to.

What I have learned over the last few months is that getting
kids to sit still while listening to the masters doesn't always
work. Sometimes I can get them to draw or color but I like
to reserve that tool during our read aloud time.

So, we play games with our Listening time...

1. Walk to the Beat- As simple as it sounds walk or march
to the beat around the house.

2. Bounce a Ball- Bounce a Ball to the beat of the music
or you can toss a bean bag.

3. Walk the Pillows- My kids love this one. You have to
have something to hide(using a paper cut out shape works
best)Lay throw pillows or stuffed animals through the house.
Have the kids hide their eyes and then you lay the paper
cut out under one of the pillows. Now the kids enter and
you start the music. They leapfrog from pillow to pillow
to the beat of the music. When the music stops they look
under the pillow. If the shape is found the game starts over.
If it isn't found start the music again. If you have more than
one child playing whoever finds the paper cut out now gets
to hide it under one of the pillows .

4. Blindfold hunt- Another game they like to play is being
blindfolded and spin. We lay our pillows in a circle. Then
I blindfold the child chosen. This child spins slowly with
His finger pointed at the pillows.  His sister sits on one of
the pillows quietly or mom can sit a stuffed animals on one.
The music starts and the child gently spins till the music stops.
If he is painting at he seated child it is their turn . If not the
blindfold goes back on and the music continues.

5. Exercise- This might seem like a simple idea but I have
seen it in action with early elementary at the school I worked
for in the past. The teacher created different relays and the
kids ran them to music. This was very powerful in how fast
they went or how hard they worked. This can be easy to set
up at home. Even if you can't go outside you can create these
inside. Start them In the living room. Set up your pillows and
have children jump over them. Tell them to roll to the hall.
Then spin to the kitchen etc.. You get the idea.

6. Freeze- Dance to music when the music stops strike a pose
and freeze. Very simple.

7. Animal Dance- Start your music and begin calling out
different animals. Children will act out the animal until you
call out another .

8. Lost at Sea- This one you have to be able to willing to
allow kids to stand on the furniture. If you aren't ok with that
then perhaps you can use the pillows again or carpet squares.
When the music starts kids can swim around the room. When
you yell Shark everyone has to get on a safe spot before you
tag them. You will hear lots of squeals as mom tries to get them.
Its fun to add tickles in the capture.

9. Follow the leader- Have your child make up dance moves
and you copy them. You can then switch places.

10. Songs for Movement- is my Pin board on different dances
You can teach your kids . Keep watch as new ones  bringing
added this weekend. My kids love doing the Santa dance at
Christmas and If you have trouble following certain steps add
your own in their place.

Warm Blessings,



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