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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Counting My Blessings...

(Sweet Pea tuckered out and resting with her dry erase board)

As you may have read in my Art post. This week has been pretty
interesting. In case you missed what is going on around here... On
Saturday we went to a fall fest and then trunk or treating. When we came
home we seemed to have some plumbing issues. A clog maybe?
Daddy tried to unclog it but nothing worked. It was pretty late at night
so I grabbed the kids and spent the night at my moms. Nothing like having
four kids and no bathroom. We stayed till Monday when the plumber came.
He sort of unclogged things and we had someone come out and empty
the tank. The big issue is that we need some new piping. So that is going to
be done on Tuesday. So far we are doing ok with our directions from our
plumber. I won't go into details it's a little to much information. So we wait...

*I have to say I am so blessed to have family. To have my mom to drop
four kids on in the middle of the night . And a dad who then turns around
and goes out in the early Am for donuts . When we had to stay the second
night no one blinked. And dad made scrambled eggs for everyone for breakfast.

Now things didn't get better for use Princess bedroom heater went out. Lucky
the weather has warmed some here but that was fixed in a jiffy.

*The resilience of my family has been amazing. Despite having to run to
the laundry mat they all had smiles and giggles. Each grabbed a bag and
we were out of there in 45 minutes. The fasted laundry in the west. Hhmm
or east as it is. Then we came home and carved our pumpkins which was
so much fun listening to their chatter.

* This week we also spent some time at Grandmas. Grandmas house is
a relaxing warm environment. I am so glad to still have her here. The kids
Shared their costumes with her and played Uno .

* Princess is a blessing to me because she is all grown up now and
such a bit help to me. She knows how to do so many things and if
I need her she is there.

*Superboy is so creative and funny. He went to walmart with a
face paint job just to see the reaction of the people. Everyone smiled
and chuckled as they passed. Just a light to everyone.

*Spirit has been so intrigued with life. He gets so excited about the
small things and makes them so worth the time. All the little details of life
that we get wrapped up in and forget are worth it.

*Sweet pea with her little cute self giving everything a family
name even our pumpkins were named after family members.

* And Carl who after working all night came home and made me eggs
and bacon for breakfast. Just for me. Even though I had cooked for the kids
already but didn't bother for myself.  Thanks honey.

And last Thank you to my readers who make my time worth while.

Warm Blessings,



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