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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Butterfly Project....

God breathes and the gentle wings float to his Grace.....
The beauty of a butterfly.

The kids and I this year are working on a Butterfly project.
Each Autumn the butterfly begins it's trek to migrate to Mexico.
They use the wind to float themselves toward their destination.
Monarch Butterflies begin their journey in the fall and you can
follow along with their progress through the Journey North We, bsite
A lot of information on there for teachers and a Homeschool mom
like myself. There is enough here to be learning about butterflies all

My 2nd grade son and I read an article about the life
cycle of a butterfly. Along with that we made a butterfly craft to
remind us how butterflies grow and change. We used
a pattern of a butterfly. Decorated it with markers and then cut
four circles so that we could draw the life cycle inside of each
and put it on our newly made butterflies. (Top right in the photo)

We are also participating in the Symbolic Trip using paper butterflies.
To participate you can learn all the details at How to Participate.
The great news is that I contacted the people coordinating the activities
and Homeschoolers are welcome to join in the activity but you need
to act FAST the deadline is OCT. 11. So you need to get yours mailed
by Friday. You will create a large family butterfly and each member
can create small ones to be sent to a child in Mexico. You will
include a message in Spanish , a photo, and some stickers for your
child to receive. Maybe something from your state.

In the spring your butterfly will migrate back to you but in the mean
time there is a lot to learn about their journey and you can keep checking
news on up to date information. Oh and don't forget to add a photo of
your butterfly to the map. You can show your journey.

Spirit and I created his butterfly and we asked some friends to help
us gather little butterflies to send along with it. Each made their own
and wrote their information on the back. In the photo above you
will find the large butterfly and some little ones to be send. We are
planning to do a painted one for the journey. (Tomorrows Project)

We also did a little writing practice.

Flutter by the Adjective, Noun.
Flutter by the Adjective Noun
Flutter by the Adjective Noun.
Flutter by my Butterfly.

An this is what Spirit Came up with.

Flutter by the hot beach.
Flutter by the cold forest
Flutter by the hairy monkey
Flutter by my butterfly.

You can change this to make multiple poems.

More on our butterfly journeys to come.

Warm Blessings,



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